SOLDIERFIELD - BURY THE ONES WE LOVE (Metalbox Recordings/Code 7)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

Soldierfield is a new band from Manchester, UK I’d like to place in the category of Modern Metal music. Masses upcoming bands deserve a place in this genre so the mutual competition is rather fierce. Soldierfield has a strong line-up, featuring well kwon musicians to expose. Leigh Oates from Order Of Voices/Rise To Addition takes control over the voice service, I also recognize guitarist Steve Wray (Rise To Addiction & Blaze), on drums we have Jeff Singer from Paradise Lost, Kill II This, China Beach… other (unfamiliar to me) players  are Simon Priestland (bass) and second riff master Andy Trott. Believe me when I say that this band really brings a strong musical atmosphere to your eardrums!


Drive and ambition are two strengths of Soldierfield – they have planned to release a full length album for 2013 and in the meantime they want the world first heard of which they are capable of along with the release of a five song EP called “Bury The Ones We Love” through Metalbox Recordings.


As mentioned before, the band delivers a modern way of Metal played with the groovy edge. Although, this type of music is often generalized, Soldierfied knows pretty well how to keep a distance to maintain any form of originality. Showcasing well done, hard and groovy guitar riffs, the harmony/energy factor works contagious, no issues audible regarding bass/drum duties and last but not least… the vocals are damn good! Quite unique throat with a melancholic/passionate undertone, very clear and stable as a rock… very good singer to me.


Better brace yourself for 25 minutes lasting, nowadays Heavy Metal attack. Nothing but a real good chemistry to witness and due to my heart is mainly bounded by the forces of old school Metal, this so called Modern Metal piece entitled “Bury The Ones We Love” knows how to keep me wide awake. There is no room to get bored, right from the opening and title track the band plays it real hard in full force. Pay some extra attention to the great guitar riffs! And the adrenaline increases even stronger during next song ‘Feel Alive’, I hear a perfect singer with many abilities and loads of energy-loaded melodies. My favourite song comes with next track ‘Leave You Dirt’. Hardest one of all, the composition/structure is definitely big. Great guitar works delivering nearly thrashy riffs this time, the song took me by surprise in the middle of the running time while offering a nice and gentle, more subdued moment of silence. A recharge battery moment because a little bit later on, the Heavy Metal train starts to move again in full force! ‘Skyflower’, acoustic one that can’t impress me but at the other hand, it shows the musical versatility of the band which may be important for the future.  Good for myself, last song ‘The Path’ brings me back into a heartfelt ‘Heavy Metal’ mood.   


If the further development of today’s Metal music can be evaluate like this, I would be very satisfied. Soldierfield is a potential Metal act reflecting a lot of talent and with an eye to the near future, I’m sure we will hear more of them… perhaps even faster than expected. “Bury The Ones We Love” pleased me but to be fully honest, I hope that the follow up may be appear with some more guitar shredding solo’s, I’m damn sure they can handle that position as well! Make sure to check ‘em out at:


My Points: 82 / 100