(Review by Officer Nice)

Another Italian band is passing the review. Italy is not exactly the ultimate Metal country although bands like Eldritch and Doomsword are wanted over here. It’s rather strange that we seldom see these bands on stage; Italy is not that far away.

Souls Of Diotima is not the band you can find a lot of information about on the Internet, I only discovered a page on Facebook. The band delivers some kind of Metal that seduces the boundaries of Gothic Metal although Metal is the main issue. Often the band reminds me of Within Temptation although the original is far better. Nevertheless Souls Of Diotima offers good songs from which the arrangements aren’t bad at all. The songwriter did everything he could to add melody into the songs and to create a special kind of atmosphere into the songs, the kind I can appreciate in the dark days we’re living in at this time of the year.

Claua Barsi is the front woman of the band and thankfully she isn’t another soprano singer. I really like soprano voices but the problem is only a few are good enough to lift a band to a higher level. Claua barsi has a good vocal sound, is more a typical Rock singer. Musical wise Souls Of Diotima is varied, offers lots of emotional played leads and musical intakes. By using classic instruments the band sounds orchestral although originality isn’t the main word we can use here.

It is clear that some gifted musicians are making part of Souls Of Diotima. Some piano parts and as I’ve said before, lots of guitar leads are really worth checking this band out. Some Progressive touches, some blinks of the eyes to some bluesy sounds are tasted by me. The way the band delivers this variation is good and for example “Children Of The King” I consider as a good song. Also tracks like “Pandoa”, “Sandy’s Flight” and the title track are good. Yet I miss more intensity to be a hundred percent convincible. Souls Of Diotima is, in my opinion, not able to hold the attention of the listener all the way or to overwhelm the listener by some refrains or choruses that keeps on playing in the mind. But there’s something about this band, that’s for sure and I’m curious how they will do in the future.

Souls Of Diotima is a good band that has something to offer for fans of this kind of music. Fans of Within Temptation, Theatre Of Tragedy and other female fronted bands must surely check them out. An official video is available so I guess you can check the band first before spending your money in these times of crisis. Check http://www.facebook.comsoulsofdiotima.

My Points: 78 / 100