SYMPTOMEN - MEN AGAINST MEN (Independent / Stryke Management & Promotion)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

“Back To The 80’s” was the first EP of Symptomen, and for those that missed this release, don’t worry, as the three songs on that EP feature also on this debut album ‘Men Against Men’. Symptomen is a band from Tatui, Sao Paulo, Brazil and was formed around 2011. In that same year, they went a first time into a studio to record the mentioned EP, and in 2012, they decided to aim for the next step in their (short) career: releasing a full-length album. They weren’t signed yet, and at this moment of writing, they’re still unsigned, but they managed to release an album on an independent base, and I must say, I was stunned! Haven’t seen much bands that succeeded in such a short time to establish this quality!

‘Men Against Men’ opens really strong with the track ‘Back To The 80’s”, followed by another highlight ‘Army Of The Children’. This quartet is a perfect match for each other. The vocals of Iago Pedroso (also lead guitar) fit to the riffing of Tiago R. Floyd, while the battering ram of Mana Rodrigue (bass) restrain the galloping drums of Ricardo Menezes. These boys are on the loose, and I just love it! Listen to the song ‘Living In Danger’ and you will know what I mean!

I haven’t got an info sheet with this album, and it seems to be really hard to find information about this band on the Internet, so I suggest to get in touch with Stryke Management to find out how to order this brilliant band!

If this band will continue their path like they do so far, it will only be (a short) matter of time before this band will get a record deal… And then the next goal is simple: take the world by storm!

My rating: 90 / 100