TAD MOROSE - REVENANT (Despotz Records)


                                   (Review by Stefan)

Swedish Metal act Tad Morose just released its brand new album through Despotz Records and with a view of creating my own favourite Top 20 album list of 2013, “Revenant” will end in a very respectable and deserving high position. I seem to have taken knowledge of the fact Tad Morose are the creators of nine albums, the new one and the compilation “Reflections” (2000) included. Tad Morose has always been able to demand my attention by their dark, very powerful, melodic way of Heavy Metal.  Guitarist Christer ‘Krunt’ Andersson, Per-Ola ‘Rossi’ Olson (bassist) and drummer Dan-Erik ‘Danne’ Eriksson formed the band back in 1991 and debuted with “Leaving The Past Behind” two years later on.


Over their long time existence, the band has to do with innumerable line up changes, yet they seemed to find the perfect replacement each and every time. If we only talk about the different singers who joined the band throughout the years, well there are quite a few – among them, and from 2005 to 2008, Joe Comeau (ex-Liege Lord/Annihilator/Overkill). But it must be said that these Swedsih lads always had other big singers within their ranks… hereby my deepest respect to debutant Anders ‘Wispen’ Westlund (1991-1991) and followers Kristien ‘Krille’ Andrén (1991-1995), Urban Breed (1996-2005), my favourite and in my opinion the one who has breathed some extra power to the core. Urban let his astounding voice for the first hearing on the album “A Mended Rhyme” followed by “Undead”, “Masters Of The Dark” and the mighty strong “Modus Vivendi” in 2003. After this release bad news from Sweden came towards our direction, Tad Morose parted ways with its fabulous frontman/keyboardist Urban to join Swedish Power Metal act Bloodbound. 


As I said before, Tad Morose has always had to deal with this kind of predicaments and so the story continued the next following ten years. But during this period the band has not been idle, always on the hunt to recruit well suited musicians, unfortunately, there was no close relationship formed until that very special day news go around that Steel Attacks’ singer Ronny Hemlin and former Morgana Lefay guitarist Tommy Karppanen joined forces, along with Tad Morose he plays bass. Could this be the ultimate moment of the re-emergence of a great Metal band? Well, as I hear Tad Morose’s new effort “Revenant”, I’m pretty sure about that ! This almighty, very successful output has reached my postal address a little while - all of the added songs give extra light to the darkest period of the year. I’d like to scream it out loud, this is my alley – this is what pure Metal is all about !


Only two of the original members are still in today's Tad Morose Call core, guitarist Christer Anderssen and Peter Morén on drums so partly thanks to their long time activity within the world of Metal, “Revenant” has become what I had predicted in advance, a killer album! No time to let you overpower by everyday concerns that life brings with it, Tad Morose’s new effort, this product brings nothing but good memories to top. We did have to wait a long time but believe me on my word – it was well worth the wait. The powerplay guitar duties work out perfectly, riffs and leads offered in a very creditable manner, fantastic! Many other ear-catching moments come from new singer Ronny Hemlin who’s able to achieve the most highly talented regions possible. In the vein of Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm/ex-Symphorce/Ivanhoe), R.J. Dio, Nils Patrik Johansson (Civil War/Astral Doors/Wuthering Heights), Butch Balich (Argus), Russell Allen (Symphony X)… please make notice of the fact Tad Morose’s today’s frontman is michty strong !


Opener ‘Beneath A Veil Of Crying Souls’ immediately let hear all the outstanding characteristics of the band. Infectious rhythms featuring bass and drum lines perfectly attuned to each other, ponderous guitar riffs alternating with superb melodic leads, world-class vocals… a first demonstration what pure Heavy Metal really means! We are only at the first song and my heart already passes the allowed rate by a complete form of satisfaction. I hear a good old power riff (reminiscent of early Torch) during the beginning of next song ‘Follow’, a fantastic composition even better than the opener. Everything sounds perfect again to me and not unimportant is the fact that Tad Morose exhibits many comparisons with US Power Metal. As for myself, I can only be very satisfied with it. The dark nature of the, music combined with the heavy rhythms, adorn the band in a very pleasant way during the song called ‘Ares’. Vocals beckon to legendary Dio or Tony Martin during Black Sabbath’s “Cross Purposes” era, this song brings back the good old days of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music. The pace become inflated during ‘Death Embrace’ and ‘Timeless Dreaming’ and maybe I’m repeating myself over and over again, Tad Morose continues to amaze me whatever the identity of each song. Due to all of the musicians are so damn well musical skilled they really can’t do anything wrong, “Revenant” means total perfection to me.


To manage my favourite album top 20 list of 2013 is not getting any easier with this release. Still an unanswered question I have to deal with at the moment: who will eventually be my number one this year – Attacker’s “Giants Of Canaan” or Tad Morose’s “Revenant”? I’ll let you know soon via THIS link.


Tad Morose’s comeback album “Revenant” is their best so far, power supply for those maniacs hooked on dark minded Hard Rock and Heavy/Power Metal music with a glance to the past. True fact: this stunning masterpiece is highly recommendable to US Metal supporters as well. Order at free will via: www.despotz.se  - check out Tad Morose officially at: www.tadmorose.se 


My Points: 98 / 100



95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish