T.A.N.K. - SPASMS OF UPHEAVAL (Symbol Muzik)


                            (Review by Officer Nice)

Let me be clear at once; this isn’t the new ‘Tank’ album! This Tank stands for Think of A New Kind! I admit I was confused before, I thought I had the new album of these NOWBHM icons in my hands. Not! It is confusing, for a part even unfair and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who was thrilled at once, baffled or even a bit angry afterwards. I could only hope this Tank would be able to please me as much as the real Tank does…

To be short and clear: This Tank has nothing to do with the Tank we know from “Filth Hounds Of Hades”, not even far. This is modern Metal with all species this kind of music is standing for. It were old school Death Metal bands and formations like Machine Head who stood at the cradle of this kind of Metal. Nowadays these ingredients aren’t always that recognizable anymore.

A modern production, a mixture of traditional elements with a modern touch. The vocals, the guitars, the production… all sound up-to-date, all is present to show what modern Death Metal is all about. This Tank from out of France doesn’t forget to enter some melodic lines into their harsh kind of music and the grunts of Raf Pener fits the music very well. At some point even some clean voices are present and they fit as well! The band contains some good musicians, guitar players who know how to play aggressive riffs, some leads that are worth checking them out.

Tank is a band that fans of Death Metal or modern Metal, even a bit Nu-Metal addictives should try this one out. Not my cup of tea but check anyhow: http://www.thinkofanewkind.com.

My Points: 76 / 100