(Review by Stefan)

Officially formed back in 1992, San Jose California based Taunted just released their new and second full length album “Bleeding Black” – unleashed as an independent output and the 10 songs audible are so damn awesome, my breath was taken while listening.

I had the chance to review Taunted’s predecessor “Zero” (2006) – also this effort took me (as a US Metal fan) totally by surprise! Unique / versatile vocals surrounded by a lot of power driven drums / bass and guitar lines… an album I still play on regular basis! Each time a great US Metal effort appears on the Metal horizons, I already start longing for a so called follow up. I know it’s not that easy for an independent US Metal band to let it all happen because of the expensive costs but it as we look back into the past, this kinda form of Metal never let us down no matter if they were signed by a record label or not. That’s what makes me proud being a US Metal fan instead of following other genres making music only to fill up their pockets god damned!


Okay, about the new Taunted album “Bleeding Black”, I immediately can start to say that there is a lot of more power to detect than on “Zero”. I was hoping on a new Taunted album in the line of their predecessor due to I was that satisfied with the end result but… the new album exceeds all borders obviously. This time, some of the songs has been made with a bursting Thrash Metal character. Opener ‘One Demon At The Time’, ‘Dead Burner’ and ‘Darkened Eyes’ are the first 3 songs on the album – stand strong brothers and sisters because this is really AWESOME! Sharpened steel guitar riffs, excellent ‘unique’ vocals and bass and drum works able to blow you apart! Magnificent guitar solo’s – I'm a fan of ‘shred attacks’ and am totally spoiled!


The vocal lines of Taunted sometimes reminds me of T.J. Berry from US Power Metal act Catch 22 which is a very point to me. Throughout the entire CD, the rhythm sections are killing – power chord guitars and so much beautiful other technical moves to enjoy… you’ll gasping for air while hearing songs like: ‘Blood Washed Skin’, ‘Victim’, ‘Lucifer’ and others! “Bleeding Black” deliver many ‘dark’ musical passages breathing down your neck too… based on that point, I'm pleased again!


The production is very well done – heavy, not too polished… actually just the way a real good US Power / Thrash Metal output would have be. This is once again a CD that deserves a lot more attention from the world wide Metal fans. I really mean what I just said so I’d like to spit out a recall pointed to all people who know what True Metal is all about… pay some more attention to the US Metal movement in general guys! Might be you never heard of particular bands – at least, show a little form of effort and find out who they really are / what they have to offer. Perhaps you can start with Taunted – a band that is so amazingly good, I'm sure you‘ll like them also. Check these guys out HERE. For fans of Imagika, Catch 22, Order Of Nine, Forbidden, Helstar, Overkill,… heavy calibre US Power / Thrash Metal!


My Points: 96 / 100