TAUNTED - ZERO (Independent)


                                  (Review by Stefan)

Way back in the late eighties, a vocalist named Jacques Serrano was pretty busy in the SF Bay Area Metal movement and met guitarist Joey Genoni during an audition. One led to another, these guys became real brothers with one goal in mind, playing straight on Thrash Metal. Working their fingers to the bone with developing own musical skills results in the ultimate opportunity; playing together in the band Annihilation. Old school Metal maniacs definitely are familiar with this band because they delivered some awesome Thrash Metal music in the early nineties.

But Jacques and Joey wants to set up their own band and hard labour in the rehearsal room kept going on. The name Taunted was founded in 1992 and that was the start of something really great to come. First there was the "Red Demo" produced by Doug Caldwell (Forbidden, Horde Of Torment,...), followed by a second sophomore effort "Blue Session" released in 1994. Aggressive as they were, the media saw that it was good and Taunted received what they definitely deserved which was nice and positive reactions from the underground Metal fans.

A third demo "Just Another Demo" hit the daylight in 1995, again with great results and outstanding reactions from outside. Jacques and Joey are true defenders of Metal, goes on with an unstoppable force, delivered beautiful works the next following years and even after more than 15 years, these brothers of steel are still together as one, believe me! Bass player jason Silva and drummer Henry Moreno joined forces with Taunted later on and a first full length album wasn't far away. They walked full of courage and energy through the doors of the Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, Ca in April 2005 for a couple of months to record the long awaited and deserved album, entitled "Zero".

A self financed masterpiece that's able to break straight through the barricades of sound. This is an album especially made for all die-hard US Power/Thrash Metal maniacs. My only way to express my feelings about this release: amazing !. Typical Bay Area styled Metal music in the vein of Forbidden, Imagika, Catch 22, HavocHate, Defiance, Machine Called Man and so on. The power, the force and all the varieties singer Jacques Serrano has in his might is superb!

His longtime friend Joey's guitar duties take me by the throat as soon as he touches the strings his electric axe. Pure powerplay guitar tactics showcasing a lot of talent all over the line, he's a truly top-class musician. Drummer in charge Henry and bass player Jason's works sounds terrible good too. The Taunted players are all bonded by blood and Metal, that's for sure. Their blend of US Power and Thrash Metal, Bay Area styled works out brilliantly !

Twelve extremely joyful songs of pure US steel spread over 43 minutes makes this "Zero" a gift from heaven to me! Cover art looks very well done, production is great...US Metal maniacs should be order this product right away. Damn shame no one offered these guys a fair record deal so far. Taunted is a great band really deserves some more exposure, so wake up and keep support the real scene instead of wasting your time with false prophets, you know what I mean for sure.  www.tauntedmusic.com 

My Points: 97 / 100