(Review by Stefan)

What we want to reach with a webzine like Metal To Infinity is giving support to 'less known' bands, spreading their word of Metal as good as can be is our mission to complete. My personal preference goes out to old school Metal groups, most of all my attraction will be addressed to the almighty US Metal movement. With a band as Tempest Reign, Ican retrieve myself immediately because these Jacksonville, Florida USA based guys to meet entirely my own requirements.

Tempest Reign brings Metal music that I have already started to nourish since the early eighties. For more than 10 year, brothers in Metal Shawn 'Mogley' Johnson (guitar / vocals) and Bryan Udell (guitar) were interested setting up a band back in 2000. Former Iced Earth / Oracle (well known from the amazing "When Darkness Reigns” album!) drummer named Brent Smedley joined forces just like bassist Damien (ex- Retribution, Device, Brutal Assault) Thorn did later on in 2002. To obtain a full line-up, they were still searching for an appropriate singer which was finally founded by the name of Joe DeLuca. From that moment of, Tempest Reign would astonish the world with their way of Metal!!

Floating strengths and courage to become better and better each and every day which led to the biggest step in the band's existence so far...first there was the release of an EP entitled "Calm Before The Storm", followed by a brand new full-length album "Catastrophic" that is unleashed to take the world by surprise.  Independently, Tempest Reign has something amazing delivered I am totally overwhelmed of. Inspired by the forces of Classic Metal, sometimes akin to the sound of Bay Area Thrash / Power Metal...THIS IS GREAT!!! If this outfit do not become THE US Metal revelation of 2007, I'll chop of my head:-) No, I'm dead serious, "Catastrophic" is an album you must have heard to believe how fantastic everything on it sounds.

The alterations of both aggressive and normal song structures are phenomenal. Several times, they take me way back in time and real fames out of the 'world of Metal' do tinkle a bell. To name but a few audible influences: Anacrusis, early Pantera, Coldsteel, Sanctuary, Blind Illusion, early Mordred, Slayer, Slauter Xstroyes, Icarus Witch, Judas Priest, etc... Tempest Reign is a band with a message… the cover art makes that clear. A young innocent child in the front, lurking from behind is a tempestuous sea and a sky filled with lightning strikes. Just like the title of this output says and reflects, "Catastrophic" which is actually the perfect definition of the world we're living in today! You can brush away a tear considering all 'sick and fucked up' kinda situations in the nowadays world, nevertheless live goes on and on and there’s nothing we can do about.

One things is for sure, while I'm listening to Tempest Reign's new album, I'm fully focused and full of attention of all the incredible, amazing, superb consonances which passing my speakers. Eleven songs featuring the most joyful and impressive songs I've heard the last few months, maybe years! Every song has a different character and exactly this argument makes the whole album so incinerating impressive. The breaks, the low tempo / the speedy parts, guitars which leave you in a dream position, top-notch vocal lines full of variations, hammering drums and bass duties.

One last time... this is US METAL of a very high quality. Only the best can obtain such a high level and I goddamn exaggerate no matter what. A superb, all-inclusive output without missing links. Worshippers of glimmering US steel better check out TempestReign’s homepage at: www.myspace.com/tempestreign

My Points: 98 / 100