(Review by Stefan)

Temple Of Blood is a four piece American band formed by vocalist / guitarist Jim Mullis by the end of 2001. Some other guys joined forces and during the firstdays of existence, TOB played mostly covers from 80s giants with styles ranges from Heavy Metal to Thrash Metal. That was just a temporary situation because these guys wanted to create their own style of Metal music. Later on, a long time friend of Jim, named Matt Barnes offered his talented skills to the band as lead guitar player and there they go, ready to take the underground Metal scene by storm! 

Along with Garth Lovvorn on bass and Lance Wright on drums, no one was able to stop the band. While doing an interview with Jim several months ago, he promised me the final results should be outstanding and he was totally right, yes he was!! To me, "Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind" is a self financed, monster album fulfilled with nine neckbreaking Metal tracks and styles ranges from the almighty US Classic Heavy / Power Metal but mostly, Temple Of Blood plays fast, real fast (Speed / Thrash Metal at its best)! Brothers and sisters into eighties Metal music, this is your alley for sure. 

As I may speaks for myself, they reminds me of Sacred Oath, Slauter Xstroyes, Have Mercy, Abattoir, Holy Terror, Anacrusis, Agent Steel, Savage Grace, Steel Assassin and so on. Jim has no problems with raising up his voice real high in the vein of King Diamond or John Cyriis. These guys have a Christian background but that doesn't bother me at all. What mainly matters to me is that the band is very talented and I truly hope they'll recognized in the rest of the world too. You should hear the numerous guitar duels surrounded by riddling bass tunes and devastating drums all over the entire album. Just like in the good old eighties, fast as a shark and sharp as a razorblade. 

Guess what, there is a surprise at the end of the album! Eighties Metal maniacs definitely knows the band Deadly Blessing including one of my favourite all time singers, named Ski. Well, Ski flying into Huntsville, USA and offered his almighty talents for the recordings of a (bonus) song called..."Deliver Us From Evil", (yeah, the legendary Deadly Blessing song!) T.O.B. plays the music, Ski is screaming and yelling his heart out and so the album ends in a very impressive and beautiful way. 

I see Temple Of Blood as 'THE' US Power / Speed revelation of the last few years. Independent, fast and pure Metal minded...give support to such great band is my personal and only way out. Hope you'll do the same!! To all US Metal defenders... you can order this product via email at: 
templeofblood@yahoo.com  or visit their website via: www.templeofblood.net . 

My Points: 96 / 100