(Review by Stefan)

Dear brothers and sisters, stand sharp for a lethal dose of Red Dirt Metal offered by Texas Hippie Coalition! Their previous effort “Rollin” got a very good appreciation of myself, now chief and frontman Big Daddy Ritch (aka the Godfather) and his blood brothers John Exall (bass), Wes Wallace (guitar) and drummer Timmy Braun are back with a new album called “Peacemaker”. I warn you, it’ll be a hard and tough ride through Red River Valley!


The reason why I like bands like THC is because of everything these guys bring on comes from the heart without beating around the bush. Also lyrically the band plays their songs with a burning passion, each and every work has to do with their own everyday life experiences. Texas Hippie Coalition focuses not tied to one specific genre, if you never heard of the band you may expect a wide range of variation. To what I experienced myself  while checking out their second album ‘Rollin’, well it was a real pleasure to embrace an early Lynyrd Skynyrd/Molly Hatched sound with Blues Rock influences in the vein of Kenny Wayne Shepherd/Michael Katon and right up into your face Texas Metal grooves who push me in the direction of  Pantera/Thunderbrew/American Motherloadand BLS. Push all these ingredients in a jar, shake well together and get an end result that won’t let you down!


About the new album “Peacemaker” I can tell right on that I’m very satisfied again. Damn sure this output shines in all areas. THC have remained true to their own style and I’m really glad with that! As the proverbial saying goes like ‘never chance a winning team’… well, Texas Hippie Coalition makes the expressing comes to reality. Eleven songs come mercilessly at you like a bunch of rogue horses. Much variety to enjoy, once again I hear a great singer still breathing a lot of talented power coming straight out of his huge chest. I don’t think many people ever heard about this big guy but take it from me… he delivers beautiful work and it’s definitely worth to check out. Many other frontmen can learn a lot from Big Daddy Ritch!


These Rock’n Roll outlaws’ new album brings a well-meant heavy party and I’m sure that after playing songs like ‘Get Your Hands Up’ and killer riff loaded ‘Damn You To Hell’ (the band’s most heavy one so far!) your place will be on fire. Tracks that define the term Red Dirt Metal clarifies with works like! ‘8 Seconds’ and ‘You Ain’t Seen Me’. Texas Hippie Coalition also surprises with ‘Think Of Me’ where they approach the term ‘ballad’, actually a straight from the heart composition, including great vocals and a sensitive way of melodic guitar action that know how to impress me… once again! For some personal reason, this one does remind me of a good ol’ classic from Savatage called ‘When The Crowd Are Gone’.


“Peacemaker” has the mighty strong character and is made by a very talented band who are not afraid to make their own display. Mean, dirty, groovy and harder as a ten ton sledgehammer – merciless good and best album so far for Texas Hippie Coalition! Feels like Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Black Label Society meets Pantera. Check it out at: http://www.thcoutlaw.com/    


My Points: 84 / 100