THABU - REBORN (Pure Prog Records)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

The label Pure Prog Records is a division of Pure Steel Records and is aiming on high class progressive metal that can be detected worldwide. That’s exactly how they got in touch with Thabu from Argentina, South America. This band is a four-piece, and their second output is in stores since December 7th. 2012. Before you all run to your local retail store, here is some additional info that might give you an idea what to expect. The Progressive Metal of this band is comparable with the likes of Symphony X, Ark and the early Dream Theater. Vocalist James Robledo is undeniable a big fan of Jorn Lande and Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.), but he focuses a little bit too much on his vocal chords. At some moments it’s like James Robledo wants to display all his skills which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He is undoubtedly a gifted talent, but it’s not necessary to exhibit it all the time. Remember the saying: less is more….

Musical wise, the band Thabu is talented in every which way possible. The guitars of Santiago Diaz Garces merge with the drums of Leandro Bulanikian, while bass player Marco Ignacio Toba is pumping the songs to a good pace. I just wonder who was responsible for the keys during the recording session, as no one is mentioned on my promo. The band was found around 2004 in Buenos Aires, and recorded their debut ‘La Oprésion De Lo Inevitable’ in 2008. Afterwards, they released a single called ‘A Game Of Lies’ which feature the new album as well, as openings track. The second album ‘Reborn’ was originally released in 2011, I guess as an independent release, but with the help of Pure Prog Records we can say that this re-release will be accessible to a broader public.  

The variety in the songs lift the whole idea of this album, as you get a ballad-like track (Beyond The End), furious material (Violentango) and instrumental intermezzos (Remains Of Reality). The total playing time is almost 45 minutes and the 9 songs obtained nice front cover artwork.  As I don’t have any more information about this band, I guess that I will take one more listen to this album, having in mind that the vocal performance might improve 

My rating: 75 / 100