THELEMITE - SLAVE TO DESIRE (Steel Gallery Records)

                                   (Review by Stefan)

Steel Gallery Records (sub-division of Greece based Arkeyn Steel) treats us with Thelemite on a solid portion, opinionated Metal music. This Greek band was resurrected in 2010 and it was the intention to set up a band mainly influenced by legendary Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dokken and stuff. Making music in the footsteps of all these legendary acts can be considered as a major challenge but if it’s works – it’s obviously a great honour the band themselves. Regarding Thelemite, I can conclusively say that the mission is completed… even in great conviction. Creation songs as a mixture of Classic Metal, Power and Doom ain’t that simple but these Greeks delivered an outstanding job with the release of their debut, full length album “Slave To Desire”. Twelve songs ready to unleash but they had to do it own their own due to the absence of a label contract.


As some kind of a promo, the album was distributed to press and media mainly… and with success because Arkeyn Steel/Steel Gallery CEO Kostas offered Thelemite a complete remission, a well deserved contract! That happened in October 2012 so it would not be long before the album should see daylight. Kostas found an agreement to expand the album from twelve to fifteen tracks. A few demo songs were added to the tracklist of “Slave To Desire” as bonus and trust me when I tell you that the entire album sounds really good.


The radiation of musical skills is strongly present and every song has its own character. Expect songs delivered with a lot of power, be ready to swallow some dark atmospheric, progressive based compositions as well. And hereby, the story of Thelemite is not yet over because they’re also capable to deliver tracks dancing on the edge of old fashioned Doom ala Black Sabbath in days of singer Tony Martin. The high pitched vocals does remind me of ZT Theart from Dragonheart… quite unique and a pleasure to listen at. Another valuable aspect to mention are the beautiful guitar riffs and solo’s which are massively present. Fans of Ritchie Blackmore or Yngwie Malmsteen… you’re warned!


Thelemite’s “Slave To Desire” took me more than once by surprise – most of the songs can be described as mostly enjoyable but all has to do with so much variation present in the band’s way of making songs. Let me end up this discussion by recommending the album to fans of Warlord, Rainbow, Dio, Savatage, Malmsteen, Black Sabbath/Ozzy so follow my good advise at your own choice. Those who have purchased the album, will more than likely be grateful to me afterwards. Order possibilities via THIS link. Check out the band right HERE.


My Points: 86 / 100