(Review by Stefan)

Those who are attracted to the American based Christian Metal genre (Sacred Warrior, Queensryche, Recon, Deliverance) may already take notice of this new album from The Sacrificed, entitled “III”. Their previous and actually second effort “2012” saw daylight via Roxx Records almost two years ago and was such a great work, I have never doubted to place this product in my personal 2010 album top 20 list. It was a masterpiece that showed how Progressive Power Metal must sound – the ultimate perfection was pretty close back then, now that the new album has been released I have the honour to share my vision on the product with all of you, check it out…

The Sacrificed has added new blood to its ranks as ex-Deliverance guitarist Mike Phillips and Daniel Cordova (bassist). After an intro, first full song ‘Falling’ let immediately hear what the band has in store – a lot of progressive power and technical melodies and I’m not even talking about the perfectly detailed tempo changes and the almighty, distinctive voice of Eli Prinsen! This man really reaches a very high level in delivering high-pitched vocals! A first stunning Power Metal song so pure and mighty strong, I’m sure the entire album will blow me away.


Listening the other songs there is no doubt that “III” is stronger than what I’ve heard on former work “2012”. The intensity of the new songs is boosted to a higher, more technical level suggesting that The Sacrificed is on the rise to build up an international career. I heard a lot of potential during their previous album “2012” but with the release of their new one it’s more than clear to me… The Sacrificed must be heard in the rest of the world as well! Perhaps it’s not that simple for an American band to break through on international basis but one thing is for sure, I will do the best I can spreading the word of this very promising act on and on! More excellent Power Metal seasoned with progressive / traditional elements are ‘Ark Of The Covenant’, ‘Time’s Up’, ‘Behold The Power Of God’, the beautiful and full of charisma loaded ‘Regeneration’ and ‘The Nephilim Agenda’. I you seek a quieter song, skip to ‘Words On The Gin’, take a deep breath to recharge batteries for what’s next to come.


A while ago, Roxx Records brought out a double tribute album to US Christian Metal gods Deliverance. Entitled as “Temporary Insanity, A Salute To Deliverance”, there was a lot to enjoy. Great bands playing nothing but cover tracks, among them I recognized The Sacrificed with a song called ‘Slay The Wicked’ and kills me instantly… SUPERB through and through! The extremely high pitched vocals of Eli still haunts me in my dream – what a fantastic piece. On the new album from The Sacrificed you’ll hear the band playing another awesome cover track, this time taken from Queensryche’s legendary “The Warning” effort. ‘Before The Storm’ is played here by The Sacrificed which, qualitatively seen, nearly approaching the level of the original composition and that’s a big but well deserved compliment, right! Eli Prinsen’s voice has comparisons with Geoff Tate from which I conclude that a cover like this earns a special reward!


Please make a note this new album from The Sacrificed has so much to offer, let your passion for brilliant, US Progressive Power Metal speak and take it from me… “III” is a highly recommended masterpiece that belongs in your private CD collection like no others! Order via: or check  the band’s Facebook page. One of those efforts that give me the courage to keep a humble webzine like MTI alive and kicking… US Metal Still Rules!


My Points: 95 / 100