(Review by Stefan)

More US Metal headed our way out a while ago. The Vengeful Few is a band from New York, inspired by the spirit of the eighties Metal movement. Good reason for us at MTI webzine to give this piece a well deserved feedback.


Singer Keith Vitali is familiar to me, I know this guy from the New York band Gods Of Fire. I remember these guys released a decent album a few years ago and so, I was pretty hopeful for The Vengeful Few’s debut effort in advance. The album starts as I expected and features all ingredients an old school Metal fan would die for. Both typical US Metal and NWOBHM elements appear in full glory, one thing is for sure… this album hasn’t missed its start and continues in a way I really like. Talented singer, great rhythms including the needful breaks and melodic parts put me into a comfortable situation. The production could have been stronger but for a private pressing it succeeds. The Vengeful Few uses the well know elements of Heavy Metal and does remind me of bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and plenty of other classic Metal gods.


The Vengeful Few isn't a band that will conquer the world, therefore they don't sound innovating or overwhelming enough. Although, they’re capable to deliver their way of Metal in a tradition I like the most of all, US Classic Metal. Not for a second I lost the feeling with the band while listening to this self-titled CD.  Back inthe days TVF’s ambition was to raise a band strong as solid steel, well the mission is accomplished to me. US Metal maniacs have to check them out for sure at or


My Points: 80 / 100