THRUSTOR - ABYSMAL FEAR (Emanes Metal Records)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

Sceptre? Remember this band? It’s a pity they never released a real album. John Cyriis, my ultimate idol, was a member of this band once after he rose out of the ashes of old time Agent Steel. He lives in Holland nowadays, holding himself as the icon of Agent Steel. He is an icon, but he also throws all his chances away to make a further career with these masters of Metal. That’s such a shame, certainly if you know how good this man really is. And Sceptre is meanwhile history, without any official release…

But, we have the Sardo’s, Tony and Phil who surprised us with their first album “Night of fire” in 1999 and re-released in 2008. It was a hell of an album, talking in Metal terms of course. This technical played Thrash metal really satisfied me and now Emanes Records delivers the follow up album. After so many years we have another special Thrash metal formation. Yes, special because this kind of Thrash is seldom heard. To be honest I really adore this kind of Thrash, especially those empowered mid-tempo tracks with overwhelming double bass drums. Nasty Savage became famous for them, became one of my all time favourite Thrash metal formations because of it!

This album is full of dark and powerful Thrash Metal on which  superfast snares and strong empowered mid tempo arrangements are heading your way. A true wall of sound blows out of your speakers, one a non Metal head would never survive. Screaming guitars, razor sharp riffs, angry vocals…. This is Thrustor ladies and gentlemen, an exclusive Thrash metal band that fanatics really need to hear! "SickDrummer", Tom Pilasiewicz, joined the forces of Thustor and believe me this guy didn’t steal his nickname! Spectacular drums can be heard on this one.

“Abysmal Fear” is the kind of albums you will frequently listen to, I am sure about that. Especially in anger moods this is the perfect music to lose all your energy and aggression! It will suck all the energy out of your body and every spin of the album will leave you speechless behind. Thrustor is a synonym for all what power and force really means!

I can’t, or should I say, refuse to believe Thrustor has no future in the Metal scène nowadays. These guys are exclusive enough to convince every Metal fan. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of those ultra fast drums in their music but I do believe there’s a big crowd for it. This is Metal with a big “M”, traditional with a modern sound. Favourite song? The title track to me! This is the ideal kind of Thrash Metal to me, vicious, powerful, dark and yet melodic!

This release deserves the attention of every Thrash Metal fanatic and is a highlight in this genre. Thrustor overgrows lots of other bands and proves that the old generation still stands tall! I’ve noticed the band plays live and I am really hoping someone gets this outstanding band to Europe! Bow your head deep at first, bang that head after and enjoy!

My Points: 91 / 100