(Review by Officer Nice)

With the release of Hell’s “Human Remains” the NWOBHM scčne is totally back! Okay, some other reunions were remarkable and worth checking out but only Hell was able to make it to many year lists. Those who’ve heard the album were totally addicted and I suppose “Human Remains” will make it to the world’s best Metal album of 2011. Well deserved! The labels noticed the success of Hell and more unknown NWOBHM bands are meanwhile re-united and also they release a new album. Thunderstick fits the row, no doubt.

I didn’t know what to expect from this one but “Echoes From The Analogue Asylum” seems to be a good produced NWOBHM album. Barry ‘Thunderstick’ Graham, drummer of the band, you might know from another NWOBHM icon, Samson! Yes, that Samson where Bruce Dickinson was part of before he joined Iron Maiden. Thunderstick recorded three albums with Samson and two of them were with Bruce Dickinson. Barry Graham was even drummer of Iron Maiden, before Clive Burr replaced him… We’re talking about an experienced musician here and that can be heard on this disc!

Influenced by Alice Cooper’s freak shows the man formed the band under his own nickname. Thunderstick became a female fronted Hard-Rock band in which the visual aspect seemed to be at least as important as the music. Theatrical Horror and SM shows were the brand of the band and I’ve read they even sold out the famous Marquee Club…but the first problems appeared soon after. Nevertheless the band recorded an EP and a full album…to stay overlooked. The explosion of Metal bands and styles has probably a lot to do with it. The band couldn’t hook up with successful formations and in the hard music business that often means the end…

Talking about the music this album is some kind of “Best Of”, a compilation that gives the perfect overview when we talk about Thunderstick, the band. I’ve heard several highlights on this one and I really enjoyed this one. “Another Turnaround” for example, awesome Female Fronted Hard-Rock/Heavy Metal! The samples in and between the songs are perfectly chosen and are another point of similarity with Hell. The music is different and should please fans of Girlschool, Bitch, Blacklace, Alice Cooper etc.

My Points: 83 / 100