TO THE LAMB - KEYS OF TREASURE (Independent / Stryke Management & Promotion)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

80’s metal with a positive message, that’s the message that this band from Brazil wants to spread. The mentioned positive message, is the word of God and Christianity. I have nothing against religious topics, nor do I have anything against Satanism, it all doesn’t matter to me. Music has to be free just like freedom of speech and if you want to write lyrics about God, or its opposite the Devil, just go ahead. 

The main thing is the music, and this debut album is their first big step to show the world what they are capable of.  So far, so good, but there are several things that I need to tell. When I was taking a look at the booklet, I noticed a very bad drawing as front cover artwork. The lyrics are printed on a few pages with some black and white pictures as background. Really poor quality and totally unclear. Every lyric has a reference to the old or new Testament, which is typical for bands that like to spread the word of Jesus.

The first track is an intro, a kind of spoken word or narration, including some heavy weather in the backdrop, followed by the real first track ‘The Trumpet, The Judgement’. It all starts pretty heavy, but the sound quality is delivering curly toes. This is so dated, this is in these days of modern programming and production-wise totally not-done. Perhaps it’s all a matter of money, but when I checked who is responsible for this misery, I noticed Lucky Santana, and he’s the bass player. Sorry dude, but people will need many Hail Marys to listen to all tracks on this album. As if that was not enough, when the vocals of Nickson get going, I had only one thing in mind: please forgive them Father, as they don’t know what they’ve done..

This album was recorded with Nickson on vocals, but it seems like he’s replaced by a new vocalist named Kuro Faith. Perhaps, To The Lamb, will evolve with this change in line up, which is a necessity, to convince people about their quality. On the thanks list I read: especially Jesus Christ for his love and mercy. I guess that they’ll need it…

My rating: 40 /100