TRAGIK - OUTLAW (Phil Vincent Music BMI)


                               (Review by Officer Nice) 

I didn’t know what to expect with this one. A beautiful lady hiding her breasts on the front cover does maintain attention but when I notice the CD is called “Outlaw” and the girl wears a cowboy hat I do fear this is some kind of Stoner Metal band. To be honest I’m not into those Stoner Metal bands, cowboy bands and so on. But Phil Vincent seems to be the vocalist of the band and I really liked what he did in the British band Legion… Okay Tragik, you have my attention.

Thankfully this album seems to be a melodic Heavy Metal album which is full of ‘easy on the ear’ tracks, good vocals and great musicianship. The opening track could have been written by Bon Jovi but for the rest I hear good Heavy Rock. Phil Vincent is and stays a fantastic vocalist who’s clearly born with a melodic vibe in his timbre. For sure that lifts up a band to a higher level.

But not only a singer makes a band, a team does. To me it’s obvious that some good musicians are present here. This album contains twelve good tracks from which the standard line is high enough to receive the listener’s attention. Add the frequently fast played and mostly spectacular leads and you have something to look for.

Tragik combines hard hitting songs with slower arrangements and a fantastic song like “You are everything to me” is able to touch lots of souls. “Forgive Me” shows another face of the band but again melody stands central. Tragik delivers music that is able to get attention ‘on air’ and “Forgive Me” is the perfect example of it, but believe me there are more of them. A (big) bit of an ‘eighties’ (Heavy) Rock sound but without any doubts strong enough to convince a wider public than ours, at Metal To Infinity. Think Tesla, Def Leppard etc…

The direct link between the cover and the music isn’t clear to me but I suppose a good reader understood that in this case this wasn’t necessary to me. Phil Vincent did it again to me and on this release he shows he’s more than just a good singer. He plays guitars as well, keyboards and proves being a multifunctional musician. Fans of Legion and Heavy melodic Rock / Metal shouldn’t doubt to get connected with the website

My Points: 85 / 100