(Review by Officer Nice)

Fans of German Thrash has a new album to add in their collection! The album title says it all, no? Thrash commands when you listen to this album and nothing else matters. Sorry, bad word choice when you see what happened with the inventors of Thrash Metal. Nevertheless the spitir of True Thrash Metal is still around and we need to honor the German Metal scène for staying true to the old concept.


Traitor is a German band that still idolizes the Eighties Thrash Metal scène and a few notes make this clear! Thrash Metal lives again and next to the reunions of lots of American bands also newbies are trying to take their part. It’s rather hard for them, the old school fans keep on focusing on the old bands and the new fans became fans of the first row too. If we look any closer to the present Metal scène we also see that new bands in this genre became successful as well, although they will never dominate the world as the Godfathers of this style.


I don’t think world domination is the main goal of Traitor! This band just wants to be good in what they’re doing and believe me if I say they succeeded. Traitor combines the typical kind of German Thrash – think Destruction, Tankard etc.- the more harsh kind of American Thrash. No one will have difficulties to discover influences from bands like Exodus, Sacrifice, old Sadus…


This is a non-compromising album with vicious Thrash! Both guitar players are delivering one after another razor sharp riff and the drummer varies high speed with overwhelming mid tempo pieces. The riffs are superb and will bring every Thrasher in the perfect mood! It makes me believe that Traitor is without any doubts a fantastic live band.  The leads are fitting the music as well and often reminds me of that typical Gary Holt style. Screaming guitars, aggressive pulls of the strings, hyperactive solos; do you know what I am talking about?


Behind the drums sits Andreas Mozer, back and front man! This guy is responsible for those evil vocals he produces with his raspy timbre.  He did a hell of a job, delivering a true spitfire! His drum parts as well as his vocal parts are just fantastic and I wonder how he does it. Okay, Exciter was in the old days an example but I suppose the combination of both is extremely difficult! 


This record contains eleven brutal tracks of the purest kind of Thrash. This band has the luck being a German band because Metal rules over there. At the other hand it will be hard to be competitive with all those other German bands although I believe Traitor is strong enough to walk its own path. With the acoustic middle part and very emotional lead in “Temples Of Doom” they prove being good musicians! Maybe I adore this track because its more my personal style but anyhow I’m not that surprised these guys are capable performing something like it.


This band looks Metal, sounds ultra-professional and is to me ready to maintain successes in the future! This debut album is a blast and an American version is also released. Not a bad idea because old school Thrashers from out there will adore this band as well! Traitor is without any doubts one of the best new Thrash bands, delivering no-nonsense 80s Thrash. “Thrash Command” is in its genre really top although you won’t discover any innovating note but it will certainly rip your face off. This is brutal enough to make a demon crack  smile. Check them out at


My Points: 87 / 100