(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

RockSector strikes again with the second album of Triaxis! This band hails from the heavy metal hotbed of South Wales, and is ready to take their next step with the album ‘Rage And Retribution’. I haven’t heard their debut ‘Key To The Kingdom’ yet, but surely will undergo a quest to find that release as well. ‘Rage & Retribution’ was my first introduction to this band and they stunned me all the way. Their music is catchy and heavy at the same moment, while you hear progressive elements mixed with typical Heavy Metal traditions. 

Triaxis has a few trumps in their lineup. First of all, the female vocals of Krissie Kirby add a little extra to the songs, while the musical craftsmanship is present all the time, including some twists and hooks in the songs that stand above the average. They wrote the music in balance with the vocal capacities of Krissie, and if you like a technical and heavier approach, you will discover a lot of moments that will satisfy. At the same moment, they also focus on sensitive and emotional moments like the track ‘Asunder’, which can be nominated as the Triaxis hymn!  Long instrumental passages (‘XGP’) are followed by up-tempo, breathtaking arrangements with a metal edge that will please a lot of headbangers. 

This band is ready for the next step in their career, and I was really surprised that they are already booked for a few festivals in 2013, as they will also play at the Wizzfest (Belgium), which is only  a 30 minute drive away! Awesome!! Keep an eye on this band, as they have the capacities to become the next big thing from Wales!

My rating: 87 / 100