TYGERS OF PAN TANG - AMBUSH (Rocksector Records)


                              (Review by Officer Nice)

Legends never die? Actually they don’t although we lost lots of them in the past, either because of disbanding, even worse because of the death of one of the icons. Tygers Of pan Tang needs no introduction and “Slave To Freedom” is still one of my all time favourite Metal songs, since the day I heard it for the very first time on the first edition of the Double Hard compilation. Formed in the late Seventies the band was present when the NWOBHM movement blew away the Punk scène…to become underground when Thrash and Glam Metal started to change all of our lives. For many years the band vanished to come back in 2001 and ever since I saw the band a few times on stage. What I noticed was that the band became more melodic than before, less dark and singer Jacopo Meille is without any doubts the main reason for my thoughts.

It gave the band some kind of a new life but it didn’t hurt the band. Jacopo Meille is a very good singer and knows exactly how to entertain his public. Robb Weir is as a matter of fact the only left original Tyger. With “Ambush” the band releases their eighth official studio-album, I’m not counting the EP’s. The band created a front cover that really reminds to the good old days, the days of “Wild Cat” and “Crazy Nights”. Back to the roots? Well, as a matter of fact they do although Tygers of Pan Tang sounds more refreshed and lost that typical dark sound from those days.

That doenst’t mean that these NWOBHM icons don’t deliver the goodies anymore. “Ambush” is full of outstanding NWOBHM on which melody, hard hitting drums and bass lines are standing central. This is old school Heavy metal, played by an old school band with a newer sound. “These Eyes”, “One Of A Kind”, “Play To Win” and “Mr. Indispensable” contain everything the genre made big and will be easily adapted by old and new fans. Yes, it seems a part of the new generation adores this kind of bands, even using leather jackets with jeans and patches again. Festivals like Keep It true (Germany) and Ages Of Metal (Belgium) already welcomed Tygers Of Pan Tang and they were successful, without any doubts.

If you’re into NWOBHM and into old school metal or if you’re a fan of Tygers Of Pan Tang anyway you can buy this album blindfolded. It’s a good album that deserves attention of the worldwide Metal public, even in times of crisis and an oversaturated scène.

My Points: 82 / 100