TYGERS OF PAN TANG: AMBUSH (Rocksector Records)


                        (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Talking about legends, it’s obvious that Tygers Of Pan Tang will be mentioned as one of the pioneers of the NWOBHM genre! Their impact is still present in nowadays music industry, and although they had some setbacks in the past, they also seem to have 9 lives, which is a characteristic of a (wild) cat!

Only one original member remains in the lineup of Tygers Of Pan Tang! Robb Weir is taking care of the guitars together with Dean Robertson. If you listen to their new album, you won’t miss the highlights of John Sykes, as Robb and Dean are rocking and rolling at high speed.

In the past, several vocalists featured the line up (Jess Cox, Marco Paganini, John Deverill, Tony Liddell, Ritchie Wicks…), but since their previous album “Animal Instinct”, they teamed up with Jacopo Meille and I really must admit, this is the best Tygers voice in years! The same passion and dedication, mixed with some Sean Harris influences, deliver an albums that could be a perfect mix of Diamond Head meets Spellbound (the second album of TOPT – 1981). It is remarkable how time stood still! The sound on “Ambush” is old fashioned with a 2012 twist, and undoubtedly that can be credited to Chris Tsangarides who produced their very first two albums as well. There is one more common factor with the good old days and that’s the front cover artwork of “Ambush”. Rodney Matthews took care of it like he did on the iconic “Crazy Nights” album. Once more it’s clear that a good eye-catcher is really important to draw people’s attention!

And what about the songs on “Ambush”. Do they revive the good old times as well? Yep, they do!  From opener ‘Keeping Me Alive’ till closing track ‘Speed’, it’s clear that they are still young at heart.  Some songs are really awesome, and to point out my personal favorites, I would mention “One Of A Kind”, “Man On Fire” and “These Eyes”.

The Tygers prepared their ambush efficient and deadly, which is the ultimate objective to achieve! Welcome back Wild Catz!

My rating: 83 / 100