VANLADE - IRON AGE (Stormspell Records / Slaney Records)


                               (Review by Officer Nice)

Vanlade is a band from out of the USA, Kansas City to be precise. Thanks to I discovered the band, on a page where other worshippers of US Metal ensemble. It’s strange, US Metal is on the one hand so underrated, yet there are lots of people who adore this kind of music fanatically. What I found disgraceful is the fact that especially US Metal gems are so expensive…

Anyway, Vanlade is a new band and this is their very first effort. The front cover of “Iron age” affirms that this is a True Metal band in which lots of clichés will be used. True Metal it is, True Metal it will always be! Adoring the Godfathers of Metal, being devoted to all those bands that made us believe in Metal… Vanlade isn’t different.

That means as a matter of fact that those clichés can be heard on this release. Neither lyrics nor music includes something new but I’ve said it before that isn’t necessary to me, as long the musicians are able to deliver me pleasure. Vanlade is a band that gives me that kind of pleasure because they travel back in time. Inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Hammerfall, Manowar, Paragon, Helstar and less known bands like K-Octave they deliver a pretty good album. The songs are well structured and this entire release breathes that typical old school atmosphere.

Sharp riffs, double bass drums in overload, sharp played leads and high pitched vocals, all are foreseen. It’s a pity the production isn’t that strong, especially the bass guitar and some riffs aren’t mixed powerful enough. Okay, it makes the band sound even more old school but a good production is necessary to overwhelm the listener. Maybe a second guitar player would help this band out because there is enough interesting stuff to hear. The solos are great to hear, often as fast as the speed of light but are also not strongly enough produced, maybe that’s the reason why I mentioned K-Octave right here.

Nevertheless “Iron Age” is a good album, full of tracks that really should convince every fan of True Metal. There’s space enough to improve, as I’ve said before in production but Vanlade is a talented band, no doubts about it. The high pitched screams and vocals by Brett Blackout are well tasted and give this release that typical US Metal sound! Heading between typical US Power Metal, in a blender with Speed Metal and a slice of Thrash makes Vanlade a band we will hear from in the future again. Not to maintain world domination but especially in Germany this formation will be adored. And after all Germany is one of the most leading countries on this globe…if we talk about True Metal.

Let me conclude by saying this album is strong enough to stand tall in its genre and should be purchased by every fan of traditional Metal. These guys look Metal, play Metal, and are Metal! Songs like “Blood Eagle”, “Hypernova” and of course “Bound By Fate (The rising dragon)” are typical for this band, are typical for this style. US Metal still lives! Check them out at

My Points: 82 / 100