VEXILLUM - THE BIVOUAC (Limb Music / Hardlife Promotion)


                          (Review by Patrick De Sloover) 

After the release of their debut album ĎThe Wandering Notesí in 2011, the band Vexillum entered the studio for a second time, with ĎThe Bivouací as result. The debut album was released by My Graveyard Production, but it seems like the staff of Limb Music was really enthusiastic about this effort, so they offered them a deal for this second album. Limb Music seems to have a passion for bands that play in the rather traditional heavy metal with some Gothic influences, but they also share their interest in bands that like to walk the path of Folk and Fantasy metal. 

Vexillum is a band that bring their music with a lot of Folk ingredients and the story lines that are written in the lyrics prefer topics like Folklore and Fantasy. For this second album, the band went on a bivouac to spread novels about kings and queens, dragons and jesters. Check out the front cover artwork and you will get a flashback to a place where gigantic forests where the perfect hideout for crooks and thieves.

Anyway, this second album contains a lot of variety. Some songs can be described as real Power Metal (The Wandererís Note, Dethrone The Tyrant), while others have mainly Folk Metal influences (The Way Behind The Hill, Dancing Goddess). Both directions create a typical style which is the trademark of this band. If you like your material from a band like Elvenking, this might be your next highlight! I donít know if itís correct, but Vexillum were planning to come over to Belgium, Holland, Germany, so check their homepage to gather some more information and touring schedules ( ). 

Vexillum is a band with potential, and the final fact that I want to add to this review is the skills of vocalist Dario Vallesi. His voice fits to the structure of the songs, but sometimes I have the idea that heís going beyond his capacities. During some fragments, I had doubts if itís not too forced to get to the higher regions. Perhaps, itís an issue to work on in the future, when they will release their make it or break it album!

My rating: 79 / 100