(Review by Stefan)

California based Walk The Sky is formed by guitar wizard Rick Hunter - Martinez who actually started to play Metal music in the eighties with bands like Regime and Soldier. That is a long time ago but true rockers never can't let go the spirit of great Hard Rock / Metal music. Rick played his fingers to the bone during the eighties period and decided to pick up the wire to form a brand new band, called Walk The Sky. A drummer was found by the name of Jeff Lemas, a real good friend of Rick. He was ready to join forces along with singer Rob Bonstin and bass player Tom Young, also a friend of Rick and owner / president of Mohair Productions Studio. All these guys played in several bands before, so they surely knows how the play great Metal music.

Some new songs were done so next step was entering the 'Mohair' recording studio for a first full length album. It's a self titled, self financed and own handed produced piece of old school inspired US Hard Rock / Metal at its best for me. A lot of praising words to the entire WTS camp for such nice album!! Vocals are fantastic and reminiscent to me of Tom Malicoat (ex-Lethal), Micchel Sweet (Stryper) and Steven Patrick (ex-Holy Soldier). WTS's singer Rob has a real clear and strongful voice, not that high pitched as for example Tom Malicoat but definitely with the same qualities. Excellent singer and that's what I'd like to say about the great bass lines and stunning drum sections. The guitar duties are in hands of Rick Hunter-Martinez and that's the man who gives me thrills right from the very first touch of his guitar. All the riffs / solo's are done by himself in a superb way this guys professional way of powerplay, fretboard racing takes my breath away. Just like in the good old 80s days he is able to let roar his tool in a manner Id like to describe as: over the top quality guitar shredding. Walk The Sky's debut album is a wonderful item, and that's a statement coming straight from my heart!

The album kicks of with the amazing "Castles In The Sand" with clear, awesome vocals including perfect harmonies and a cutthroat using of guitars. The following  "Lay In On The Line", "Don't You Know What Love Is" are killer ones too. Melodic all over the line and as mentioned before in the vein of Lethal, Holy Soldier, Fifth Angel and even Stryper or Sacred Warrior lurking from behind. "Snake Eyes" has a bluesy touch but that's okay to me, it brings some varieties in the game and that's nice! More awesome Melodic US Hard Rock / Metal with a song, so fantastic, entitled "Always Remember". A mid tempo beauty of a track, played in an emotional mood with breathtaking slower parts... superb once again! "Face To Face" is up-tempo minded and loaded with great harmonies, magnificent vocals and incredible works on the guitars done by the master himself, Mr. Rick Hunter. More blistering guitars to come during songs like: "Heart Of Stone" and "Loves Comes Down" which reminds me of early Vicious Rumors days.

Walk The Sky's debut is a blend of genius, old school inspired US Hard Rock / Metal music served on a clean plate fulfilled with brilliant elements. What I've heard is nothing else but music that hits me real deep. Walk The Sky came like a thief in the night, surprises me right away and deserves a place on top of my favourite US Hard Rock / Metal bands. An independent release with such great talents on board, I think it's time for some people to open up their eyes and gives these guys a fair chance signing a record deal quickly, I mean real fast!

Thumbs in the air for Walk The Sky, a US formation with talent and future possibilities!! To order, watch THIS spot.

My Points: 92 / 100