(Review by Officer Nice)

Metal from Flanders! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, another Belgian band. Not that Belgium is an important country in Metal but, we have produced some goodies in the past. Not familiar with Belgian Metal? Cyclone’s “Inferior to none”? Target’ s “Master Project Genesis”? Ostrogoth’s “Full Moon’s Eyes”? No? Really? Maybe the latest After All? Still no? Well learn about it!

To be honest, the current Metal scène isn’t bad at all. Some old bands reunited and our favourite genre lives again. We mention lots of youngsters in the clubs and often they wear the merchandise of the old time heroes. Great festivals and gigs are common and we always have something to look forward to.

Warckon seems to be a band from the middle of Belgium and I noticed a friend of mine was responsible for the band’s pictures, awesome! Warckon represents itself with a cool front cover, dark, breathing the old school metal. Wouter Langhendries, a typical Flemish name, is the front man of the band and he doesn’t hide he’s a fan of the Eighties Thrash Metal. With old Metallica, Megadeth but also with bands like Meliah Rage and Defiance  in mind he must have written this album.

This album opens with a song called “As the death knell tolls” and brings me instantly into the right mood. I still adore this kind of old school Thrash metal. The production is far from perfect but fits this record very well, it delivers that specific Eighties atmosphere. The band mostly delivers for mid-tempo powerful arrangements in which screaming and soaring leads have an important role. An overdose of razor sharp is heading your way and on tracks like “Trapped” and “After The Noise” you’ll soon find out that some good musicians are present right here. Those riffs are obliging the listener to play along, at least bang that head and it makes me believe Warckon must be a great live band.

Vocal-wise you shouldn’t expect something exceptional. Guitarist/vocalist Wouter Langhendries has a middle-of-the road vocal sound but it fits the music very well. He doesn’t have that same special voice as Mike Munro (Meliah Rage) but often he makes me think of him. Nevertheless his timbre has its emotional intake, the middle part of “After the noise” proves me right. The band delivers great structured songs, often very technical and with emotional played leads. “Shattered Illusions” is another great song, assembling everything I wrote before. “Salvation” shows once again the more emotional part of the band and makes me believe this band can make it here in our neighbourhood!

Fans of old school Thrash metal, with more than a blink of the eye to the Bay Area tradition, should purchase this album. Not the ultimate top but a band that is true for one hundred percent. I suppose we will hear (or see) them in the future again. Check them out at http://www.warckon.com.

My Points: 84 / 100