WARLORD - ANTHOLOGY (Arkeyn Steel Records)



                                         (Review by Stefan)                          

This is the complete story of one of the greatest Epic Heavy Metal bands ever, named Warlord formed in Los Angeles back in 1980 by guitarist / songwriter Bill ‘Destroyer’ Tsamis and drummer Mark ‘Thunderchild’ Zonder (also Fates Warning / Chroma Key / Jim Matheos / Cans and more). Jack ‘Damien King I’ Rucker joined forces as Warlord’s singer, Keyboardist in charge named Diana ‘Sentinel’ Kornarens.


Classic Metal maniacs definitely will remember the Metal Massacre series through Metal Blade Records. Metal Massacre II features the song ‘Lucifer’s Hammer’, the third part of this legendary compilation series contains another track from Warlord entitled ‘Mrs. Victoria’. To me, both participations must have been the real start for the band – the years that follows, Metal Blade Records’ CEO Brian Slagel offered the band a deal for a debut EP we all know as “Deliver Us” (1983) which contains six songs still able to offer me unforgettable moments of pure US Metal thrills, almost 30 years later on now. But Warlord knew how to please me even more with the follow “And The Canons Of Destruction Has Begun” officially released in 1984. This first full length album had everything on board every US Metal addict could dream about. Unique voice, Epic / Progressive vibes and a whole lot of breathtaking melodies… just another Classic US Metal fave of mine! In 1985, Warlord released the EP “last And Lonely Days” which is very hard to find these days and it’s hard to say that I do not have this product in my collection (shame on me).


Unfortunately, everything went downhill for Warlord – besides a ‘Best Of’ compilation (1989), Warlord fell into a deep black hole and no further albums were released from 1989 until 2002, the year “Rising Out Of The Ashes” appeared. It felt great to know that Warlord’s resurrection was a fact, Hammerfall vocalist Joachim Cans joined the ranks and served the originals Mark Zonder / William J Tsamis in full glory. Warlord was back but were not able to overwhelm me as they did way back in the 80s. That’s about my own ‘short’ story of a band I will never forget but…

Greek label Arkeyn Steel Records just released double CD of Warlord entitled “Anthology” and I can only praise albums like this. All the great stuff the band ever released for the very first time available on CD plus a whole lotta package of bonus material… brothers and sisters, don’t let this product slip through your fingers because therefore, it’s too damn unique. “Deliver Us”, “And The Canons…”, “Rising Out Of The Ashes” to fulfil both compact discs. On the second CD you will also find back bonus, very rare stuff from the band such as the song ‘Mrs. Victoria’ as it stands on the out of print, Japanese version of the Lost And Lonely Days / Aliens 12” single. More goodies comes from the instrumental song ‘ Hands And Feet (Thunderchild’s Farewell) taken from the sampler “Thy Kingdom Come”. Back in the days, Warlord brought out a Japanese edition of “Rising Out Of The Ashes” ... “Anthology” friendly offers one of the songs from that effort called ‘Lost And Lonely Days’… awesome all the way!

All of the songs has been completely remastered and take it from me – it’s all very well done and a real pleasure to hear all those beautiful pieces back in such a fantastic sound quality. Wrapped and packaged with exclusive artwork, the lay pout on the band’s history is perfectly written within the booklet which also includes great images, lyrics and more. No time to waste people – a fast order is the only way out, especially when awesome Classic US Metal is your cup of tea! Way back in time, Warlord delivered us the very best in Heavy Metal music, years to remember forevermore so be respectful, show your dignity to the band and purchase the deluxe version of “Anthology” right away through the Arkeyn Steel Records homepage: www.arkeynsteel.com


My Points: 98 / 100