(Review by Stefan)

Winter Crescent appeared on the Metal surface back in 2000 - in a Greek place called Heraklion Crete, guitarist Alexis Ktiskatis formed the band. Due to a lot of line-up changes, it took him much effort in order to maintain the band throughout the first eight years of existence. Now after twelve years, Winter Crescent is still alive and kicking so in retrospect all efforts have been worthwhile. It seemed like the right musicians were found.


Early May 2009, Winter Crescent released its first demo called “Battle Of Egos” loaded with seven songs. Greek Metal Hammer rewarded this demo to ‘Pick Of The Month’ in 2009, German based Rock Hard gave a rating of 85/100. Those days, the band toured across local places, and with success! Winter Crescent also made a fantastic video called ‘Battle Of Egos Part 1’, feel free to watch out for it right HERE. According to myself, Greece is an undervalued country in the area of Metal music. Maybe you’re not aware of so many great bands this land has to offer, take it from me – the Greek Metal scene lives!


Well, a few days I came in touch with bassist Thanos and he offered me the opportunity to hear all of the songs from “Battle Of Egos”. An offer I couldn’t refuse because I knew in advance they had a whole lot in store. Now that I’ve heard their songs one by one with due attention, I can say that these guys are really good, yes they are! I’m a fan a fan of US Progressive Power Metal and even the fact they’re from Greece, the comparison with a lot of US bands is unapproachable huge.


The song structures are great, vocals full of passion including kind of melancholic/dramatic and emotional elements… Warrell Dane (Nevermore) & Devon Graves aka Buddy Lackey (Psychotic Waltz) crosses my mind while listening. And also musical wise, Winter Crescent is really good – fans of Psychotic Waltz, Nevermore, Fallen Sanctuary, Watchtower, Control Denied,… I’d like to encourage to check out THIS page. Both ‘Battle Of Egos’ part 1 & 2 to let hear how good these guys really are. Catchy songs brought with passion and loads of technical moves. Addictives to shred guitars will never get bored with this CD. Listening to ‘Furrow’ I hear strong similarities with almighty ex Death/Control Denied guitar legend Chuck Schuldiner which is another value to the band. Watch out for another highlight called ‘My Last Will’, a great composition able to grab me by the throat. This one feels like a meeting between Psychotic Waltz and Nevermore… ain’t that awesome! The track ‘Winter Crescent’ comes along in a typical US Heavy / Power Metal tradition and hell no – you won’t hear me complain. ‘Lost In Dreams’ may close the very well done “Battle Of Egos” release in style.


For sure, I’ve heard a band I’m really hooked on and the latest news about the band’s activities is that a new full-length album will come out later on. A specific date is not yet fixed but I’m already waiting for that moment. Especially for all Metal To Infinity readers, Winter Crescent offers a half priced download of their EP “Battle Of Egos” and this during a time the next following two months. Just follow the next instructions if you’re interested:


1.Go to,
2.Press the Digital Album
3.Have a discount code?
4. Enter metaltoinfinity to apply the discount
5. Download Battle of Egos
*Note : The code is active for the first 200 downloads


Take this opportunity with both hands and let awesome, US influenced, Progressive/Power Metal welcome your heart and soul. Winter Crescent, just another Greek Metal revelation!


My Points: 88 / 100