(Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Black Widow Records is an Italian record label that is aiming at bands that like their music with a wayward twist, an opinionated vision with hard-mouthed results. For example this new release of Witche’s Brew is described as Heavy Blues Psych with a mind-blowing philharmonic extravaganza experience. I cannot argue their vision and it’s just great that bands have a forum to spread their talent and introduce us to new musical visions. Being obstinate reflects also in the name of the band, as it’s written as Witche’s Brew instead of Witches Brew. They seem to have a vision on every detail, and an open mind for the smallest minuteness.

The members of Witche’s Brew made progress through the years in several bands like Nofuzz, Azione and Disper, but for this release they had a lot of guest musicians as well. Members from Death SS, Hawkwind, Wicked Minds, Delirium, Electric Swan and Buttered Bacon Biscuits joined them in the studio to work and create the result that can be found on this SupersonicSpeedfreaks album. The quartet of Witche’s Brew joined forces with several renowned musicians with one goal in mind. Creating their own style with a solid sound but also with some influences from the past. Bands like early Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Blue Cheer  and Sir Lord  Baltimore echoes throughout the musical style and direction on this second studio release.

The release of this album was scheduled for the end of 2012, but I believe that there has been a little delay, so you should be able to buy it right now in your local record store. The recordings took place at the RDNK Studio from July to November 2011, while mixing and mastering happened at the FP Recording Studio in October 2012. Concerning the music, well, that’s not so easy to pigeonhole, and I guess that’s the whole idea of this band. The album starts with the track ‘Vintage Wine’ which has a lot of stoner influences, but at the same time it has a very electrifying riff and chorus line. At the end of this track, you will hear a total diverse approximation as the sax drops in, mixed with the original idea. The music of Witche’s Brew has  a lot of 70’s influences, but all mixed with a 2013 approach. The track ‘Children of the Sun’ refers to the Hawkwind, while ‘Make Me Pay’ has early Black Sabbath ingredients.

Although this musical direction isn’t directly my personal favorite, I must say that I had a good time while listening to this unusual 70’s rock meets stoner. Fans of the genre, should check them out, or gain more info at this location: www.blackwidow.it

My rating: 78 / 100