(Review by Stefan)                                 

Houston, Texas - USA based WolfeBlitzer stole my 'US Metal' heart for the first time back in 2005 with their demo ''Metal From The Ashes''. It was a piece of excellent US Heavy Metal music - the songs on it carved in my heart and soul until the day I go six feet deep! I was taken by surprise from beginning to end thanks to a bunch of brilliant musicians - piece by piece, they grabbed my attention all the way. Seized by so much talent, I was wondering what the future of WolfeBlitzer should bring.


From time to time, guitarist of the band, Lee Seals kept me informed about developments in their ranks. As time passed by, songs were written, composed, recorded - the current situation allows me to announce that WB's new album is ready to conquer the world, especially all souls longing for a highly recommended form of US Heavy Metal music. Totally influenced by Classic Metal, female fronted Wolfe Blitzer's new baby entitled ''Lonely World'', defy every imagination. Leader / guitar player of the band Lee and his wife Val to sound still improves then before. Id like to use only but 3 characters to define the bands style of music WOW!


Goddess of US Metal, Val Seals in the footsteps of greats like Geoff Tate (Queensryche), John Cyriis (Agent Steel), Ann Boleyn (Hellion), Jutta Weinhold (Weinhold), Rob Halford (Priest), Ski (Faith Factor),... you probably know what I mean, Val's way of singing is still outstanding, superb - have actually not words enough to express myself how amazingly great she sounds. Her 'high pitched' manner of singing means the world to me - I don't care if other people like this type of vocals or not, my heart says 'Hell Yeah' with a lot of conviction!


There are ten songs on the song list of ''Lonely World'', started with opener 'Eyesore So High', a killer track that let you enjoy from head to tail. A Classic way of US Heavy Metal music with very surprising and impressing vocals and shred guitars all over the way. I see three guitar players mentioned on the flipside of the frontcover - Lee takes the most of both leads / rhythms for its account... Ben Matthews and Chris Shields to provide also very well done guitar works! I'd like to throw some words of dignity to bassist Michel Millsap and drummer Dean Gibson as well - great job guys!


The album continues with the outstanding 'Hells Present' and a world class cover version of Judas Priest's 'Diamonds And Rust' - as I can speak for myself, most impressive JP cover ever heard. The music on 'Forgetta 'Bout It' and 'Rollin' gives me flashbacks of the early days of Armored Saint while 'Hungry For Love' takes me back in time with a band called Fifth Angel. There are more influences of 'Classic greats' to detect like female fronted US Thrash Metal band named Detente, Warlock and the last song 'Lonely World' matches with a track from Bitch entitled 'Riding In Thunder' - once again, this entire album is a must have for all those into Classic US Metal.


Keep in mind this is an independent release so spread the word of WolfeBlitzer as good as possible in hope they can catch a record deal real soon. I had hoped on a worthy continuator for their previously released demo ''Metal From The Ashes'' and what do I get in return - a copy of high minded, everything exceeding, excellent, top notch US Heavy Metal!!


All ingredients, necessary if were talking about a great US Metal output to be present. Nothing to do with the nowadays Metal movement - this one speaks to the imagination of True Defenders of Classic US Heavy Metal!!! Find out moreabout WolfeBlitzer at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WolfeBlitzer/120809914597322  


My Points: 99 / 100