(Review by Stefan)

WolfeBlitzer is a five piece Heavy Metal band who started under the name Valor but after they took the decision moving on to Houston, their name changed into WolfeBlitzer! If you're not familiar with the band so far, read the following review very sharp. I praise the US Metal scene a lot and each time American bands those who are able to send me some promo stuff, I'm the lucky bastard and start to listen right away.


I did several US Metal reviews since the day I started with Metal To Infinity but the CD keeps on spinning the last few days is so damn great, I almost can't find the words to express my inner feelings. WolfeBlitzer delivers an excellent form of Classic Heavy Metal to the masses but... The band has a magnificent, female singer with so much talent... only the greatest can do what I've heard from Val Seals. Definitely one of the most talented, female singers I know since my day of birth (and that's a long time ago).


It's a demonstration of using a voice in the best possible way. Every single note coming out of Val's mouth is perfect and that's no lie!! Stable, powerful, sometimes with an extremely form of excellent, high pitched vocal use... absolutely outstanding! There are similarities with other greats like: Lee Aaron (you know the long running Canadian Metal goddess), Bettina France (ex-Meanstreak), Jutta Weinhold (ex-Velvet Viper / ex-Zed Yago), Jody Turner (ex-Rock Goddess) and even guys like Ray Perra (ex-Sacred Warrior) and the mighty Geoff Tate (Queensryche) are pretty close.


This Demo CD called "Metal From The Ashes" contains six songs in the early 80s Melodic Heavy Metal tradition with influences of bands like: Warlock (check out the riffs in a song called "Forgetta 'Bout It"), Sacred Warrior (last song "Savage In Despair"), Queensryche, Deadly Blessing, Ignitor,... Outstanding guitar works and the roaring bass surrounded by hard pounding drums gives a very good character to the entire six tracker!


"Metal From The Ashes" belongs on top of my favourite albums of 2005. All is so pure, old school Metal influenced to the bone played with such a great form of energy and talented skills... please check it out and spread the news around this is US Metal from a high kevel! Hopefully, they can sign a major record deal real soon. We need bands like WolfeBlitzer to realize how fantastic Heavy Metal music can be! I recommend each and every US Metal maniac to get in touch with this band via their Facebook page:


My Points: 97 / 100