ZANDELLE - FLAMES OF RAGE (Pure Steel Records)



                                  (Review by Patrick De Sloover)

Aha, finally, Pure Steel Records is back with a vengeance.  After a few lesser quality releases they are ready to bring metal on the map again. Zandelle is the name of the band, and it's not my intention to focus on the history of the band. Just check their homepage and see what happened throughout the years.  Fact is, vocalist George Tsalikis (Ex-Gothic Knights) succeeded in releasing one of the most effective and breathtaking albums of past months!  Flames Of Rage is anger! Flames Of Rage is just awesome material that is a must have for metal heads around the globe! If you like your Metal speedy, high pitched, great solo's and killer riffs, this is what you are aiming for.  


Listen to opener 'Killing Gaze' and you will know what I mean!  Those that want to take a musical trip have to wait 'till the final song 'Eradicated Existance'. This track takes about 20 minutes (!) and can be described as the anthem of Zandelle. The Power Metal is mixed with Heavy Metal, and all efforts of the members came together in a good production with a lot of variety and songs that are highly recommended!    


Words can not explain to which musical heights this band is going to take you, so hurry up, and order your copy ( ) before they embark on European soil for a tour all over Denmark, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Holland (October/November2009).  This is simply a must have for those that consider themselves as True Metal heads. 


My rating: 95 / 100