(Review by Officer Nice)

Zandelle is the kind of band that releases albums that really never received the attention of the big crowd. It’s rather strange because I am convinced they write songs that really are able to please a lot of Metal heads. Their front covers have always been attractive, the production of their previous albums can be called professional and yet there hasn’t been a breakthrough until now. There weren’t any big tours as far as I remember and I’m even sure the band is still unknown to many. Yet I have to admit that even I don’t see them as a favourite band but the band deserves attention, recognition, respect!

With “Shadows Of The Past” Zandelle strikes back with a double CD. Don’t expect a totally new album but on this one you can hear re-recorded old tracks and some newbies. From the old demos the band offers us a new cleaned version and be sure it sounds very, really very good! Although Zandelle isn’t the band that performs complicated and high technical music they are able to take the listener by the throat with every single note! Inspired by the good old Iron Maiden, Helloween and a sniff of US Power Metal ingredients they deliver one after another true Heavy Metal song with lots of breaks and very good riffs and leads.

New tracks are “Unleashed” and “Scream My Name” and believe me they would have perfectly fit on the previous albums. Even a Whitesnake cover, in a Power Metal version is foreseen and it sounds great! The new recorded songs sound much more powerful and give Zandelle the touch they need to encourage the old and new generation to enclose them into their arms. There’s really nothing wrong with Zandelle; the vocals are very good, the guitars awesome, the drums as they should sound. So please, try this band out and if you’re ignorant about them “Shadows of the past” is the perfect CD to start.”

My Points: 85 / 100