I remember times when Hair Metal, as it was labeled, stood right next to the Thrash and True Metal scène. They were called posers and believe me, the oldies amongst us will remember this, it wasn’t always easy to like this kind of bands as a Thrasher. The lines between subgenres were harder, the clashes between both subcultures bigger. Yet all bands belonged to the big happy family of Heavy Metal. Nowadays those strict lines thankfully vanished and the modern Metal fan became more open minded. Not that I cared in that era, I adored tons of this kind of bands, musical wise actually because their ‘looks’ were often to gay to me. In my collection I still have plenty of this kind of bands and I give them frequently their spins.


Meanwhile the bigger bands in that genre made career or are coming back from it, trying to earn some big money if possible. We can’t say Hair Metal is still ‘hot’ but maybe Cimino will change this. Steel Panther already brought for a part the old times back although I don’t take them too serious, they are often a cartoon from themselves . Cimino is heading from the USA – of course- and they contain anything that fit this scène perfectly. Influenced by bands like Guns’n Roses, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Poison, Bon Jovi, Kiss and tons of others they just released their album “Angels and animals”. Be sure that fans of Hair Metal will surely like what they hear. All elements that made this genre so immense popular in the Eighties are back and these youngsters are performing their ‘thing’ on a very good way. This band delivers a good Rockin’ album with songs that are good arranged. Cimino delivers tracks with good choruses and refrains on an atmosphere that brings back good old memory lane. Heavier songs are mixed with catchy slower tracks that could easily be heard on the bigger radio stations. This is music for a big crowd because it swings and it gives the listener some good old fashioned feeling. For sure Cimino will leave fans of Hair Metal, Poser Rock, Glam Metal or whatever we call it, behind with a very good feeling.


The end of Summer is near while writing this review but with tracks like “Anarchy”, “Alive”, “Never” and “Sexy Thang” I stay into that summer breeze. The band has a very good front man, Kyle Cimino, a lad that knows how to play this kind of Rock. Add the fact he’s a good guitar player, surrounded by other good musicians and we’ll have a promising band here. The only question is if there’s still a public for this. Check 

My Points: 80 / 100    


95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish