Back in 2012, Californian based Power Metal band Dire Peril could tempt us so much with their first EP called “Astronomical Minds”, damn right these guys took us firmly by the throat. One of my favourite singers of the last few years named Norman Skinner amazed me a lot with his vocal delivery shuddering close to ex Iced Earth frontman Matt Barlow, the one and only ! Three songs composed by themselves and a cover of Classic Rock band Blue Öyster Cult were presented with a very high quality content, I still like to recommend Dire Peril’s first cut to everyone hooked on the mighty forces of US Power Music ! Feel free to read MTI co-editor Officer Nice’s review at THIS spot.


Those days this first EP was recorded, they had two more songs ready to unleash entitled ‘My Vengeance Is Everything (Chaos Reigns) which is lyrically based on a very popular video game “God Of War” and ‘Space Invaders’ (based on a video game from the 80s bearing the same title). So these two songs were in the waiting list to get a fair place on Dire Peril’s follow up to “Astronomical Minds”, EP number two that got the title “Queen Of The Galaxy” - officially released through Dead Inside Records on September 26th , 2014 ! Fact is that Dire Peril want to release 3 EP’s before the recordings of a full length effort will take place. Each EP will be filled with three own creations and one cover track. We had Godzilla’ from Blue Öyster Cult on the debut EP, the new EP will offer us ‘Something About You, a nice reworked version of legendary Hard Rock band Boston. Coincidentally or not, I’m a Boston fan myself so who’s the lucky bastard here?


Perhaps a bit premature at this stage to mention that next Dire Peril EP called “Through Time And Space” will see daylight inFebruary 2015 and to make to story complete… the final writings for the band’s full-length cut “Final Scenes For Forgotten Worlds”nearing completion as well, release date not known at this moment. Well well, I call thisa band with a lot of ambition and drive… I wish there were more great acts of this caliber walkingaround !


Let's not get forward to these facts and concentrate entirely on the arrival of Dire Peril’s second cut, the great “Queen Of The Galaxy”. Well-known JK Northrup mixed and mastered the songs at the Alien Studios in Carmichael, California. The vocals were tracked by Norman Skinner himself at Savage Screams Studios in Fremont, CA. The cover artwork of “Queen Of The Galaxy” was done by horror/fantasy artist Sean Walusko aka Zombie.


First shot ‘My Vengeance Is Everything (Chaos Reigns)’ let this EP immediately burst like a volcano spits its lava in a merciless way. Almighty great vocals, drums and bass lines are hard and heavy as hell and both axe wielders in charge called Jason Ashcraft &Jearme Greathouse to let me enjoy to the fullest. Sharpened steel riffings and incisive, technical and melodic way of acting speak tomy imagination. This fantastic opener let me suggest that more excellent US Power Metal stuff is well underway to reach my eardrums. The pace onsecond song ‘Space Invaders’ is rather mid-tempo but the energy force achieves a high level. As expected from a top-notch frontman as Norman Skinner, the vocal service seems high and mighty to me. The power, the focus and the technical moves within this guy’s throat put a big smile on my face… great job again Norman ! Guest musician Tony Cordisco (Judicator/Sedulicy/Project Roenwolfe) shows on this song his own guitar skills like a true professional does.


On the title track, Mr. Skinner gives the mic to Brittney Hayes, also active in a band called Unleash The Archers. Have to admit that I’m totally unfamiliar with her vocal capabilities so pretty much of curiosity was on me while listening to ‘Queen Of The Galaxy’. Trust me on my word of honour, her voice is pure, strong and crystal clear… Brittney has proven to be a great service taking part of the Dire Peril ranks during this killer track. Loads of harmony and beautiful melodic lines complete my Traditional US Metal desires !


As already mentioned before, each EP will be loaded with one cover track. Norman Skinner takes back the lead vocals for his account while Boston’s ‘Something About You’ has been expressed with great passion and affection by a pack of valuable musicians. The song has taken from Boston’s self titled debut album, released in August 1975…. To me, a legendary album from one of the greatest bands in the history of Classic Hard Rock. Dire Peril has chosen to make a cover of a real good song but if I have to follow my own heart, my preference regarding favourite Boston songs goes out to ‘Peace Of Mind’, Foreplay/Long Time’, ‘Rock & Roll Band’, Smokin’ either. It’s never an easy task to match the quality of an historic song but Dire Peril has still managed to surprise me in a pleasant way.


The time is come for an evaluation: “Queen Of The Galaxy” has come a masterful work in terms of US Power Metal. This band has captured my heart with “Astronomical Minds” back in 2012… along with the upcoming new EP “Queen Of The Galaxy”, they do it again. I really got nothing else to report than full respect and dignity to the address of Dire Peril. I already look ahead to EP number three, early next year ! US Metal maniacs, order without hesitating  at: http://www.deadinsiderecords.com/  More info about DP: https://www.facebook.com/direperil  /  http://direperil.bandcamp.com/ 

My Points: 92 / 100


95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish