A promopack reached my postal a while ago – on board of the envelope, I found back Fallen Angels’s debut album entitled “Crawling Out Of Hell” plus a thick book, actually an epic fantasy novel written by guitarist John Cruppe. The intention is to make a trilogy planned to be released when the time is right. Along with each new album, you also can expect a new written book by John Cruppe. The story is all about a man called luke, who struggled through life and death after a terrible car accident. What goes on in the mind of a nearly dying person? Pay full attention of Fallen Angel’s efforts and books to come a well. 

They’re from New York and name of the band’s name of the game can be described as in-your-face US Power Metal as it should be! Insert the CD, the index tells there are 20 songs to expect so let’s find out what they have in store for us. The whole album contains a lot of introduction stuff, actually intro’s to each and every song to proceed. Along with these, some kinda ‘sound effects’, Fallen Angel wants to create the character of the song that follows a bit later on. Well done job because it really works out contagiously.  


About the real content and character of the songs – well, it’s all about typical US Power Metal, you know that of music that means the world to me ! Incredible good singer that offers the most beautiful vocal use I could imagine. He’s got strength and full power deep within his throat – lead singer Steve Seniuk is the ultimate bringer of true high pitched shrieks as well… to me, a superb, world class frontman! As for both guitarists John Cruppe and Robb Lotta; these axewielders show how to handle their six string machine with passion for pure technical / melodic moves – result: outstanding! Bassist Joe Surace and drummer Frankie Quaggs let it all happen pure and excellent as can be. Minor critic on the drums – sometimes the guitars get the upper hand and the sound of the drums seem to be a little oppressed.  


Besides the plenty of intro’s audible on “Crawling Out Of Hell”, you’ve got to believe me on my word that each one of the full tracks are so damn good there are only winners on this album to enjoy. As mentioned before, this is absolutely US Power Metal of an high-minded level. Fallen Angel does reminds me on Cage, Helstar, Onward, Oracle, Sacred Oath, Antithesis and bits of Liege Lord, Nevermore / Sanctuary, Fifth Angel crosses my mind as well. 


To keep a long story short, “Crawling Out Of Hell” sounds FANTASTIC all the way! To complete the entire trilogy, they have two albums / books to go. Hopefully, they can let this be done as soon as possible. A band like Fallen Angel makes me proud to be a US Power Metal fan definitely.


My Points: 93 / 100