I suppose you already noticed that Metal To Infinity offers a free US Metal compilation in cooperation with Online Metal Promo. Under the name ‘By the grace of US Metal’ we want you to discover outstanding bands from out of the US. Divebomb Records is a label I discovered lately and they're specialized in US Metal as well and one of their bands, Gross Reality, contacted us to be part of the former mentioned compilation. Next to this offer they send us a CD for review, let’s see what these guys have to offer.

Gross Reality is a band from out of North Carolina. This is their official debut and let me tell you these guys are throwing a true bomb into the Thrash Metal scène. It’s a bomb that the Jews or Hamas would make jealous although it won’t kill anybody… unless the listener bangs his head too hard which isn’t impossible with this goodie. But hey, that’s the final cause after all. Driving on a very clear and powerful production Gross reality takes the listener by the throat and they show no mercy. They will blow you away immediately and I suppose old school thrasher won’t believe their ears.

Gross Reality is of course inspired by the mighty Eighties Metal movement but they add modern touches to their music. They sound refreshing and don’t make the mistake, as lots of other bands of the new wave of Thrash Metal do, to clone the old time heroes. Gross Reality creates their own sound and although they are pure Eighties Thrash they bring something new, something this scène needs to stay believable. This band offers me something I have hardly heard the last years with a Thrash Metal formation, a very enjoyable feeling. There’s something in this music that makes me feel good, that makes my stomach turn around in a pleasing way. Difficult to explain and although this music sounds dark, it makes me energetic and dynamic!

What makes this band so interesting are the varied tracks, the outstanding guitars and the clear vocals from a man that listens to the name of Daniel Powell. Thrash with clean vocals are pretty rare nowadays, mostly harsh or demonic are used but I prefer the clean powerful kind of vocals. Daniel Powell’s timbre reminds me of the kind of vocals Pathos, from Sweden, used to create. It made Pathos, to me, one of the best Thrash Metal bands from out of Europe just because of the reason the vocals had that original touch. Pathos was so God damn unique but since 2002 we didn’t hear anything anymore from this band. A pity! The  message really is that Gross Reality gives me the same Goosebumps! The beginning of the title track for example…. WOW! That’s all I can say… Wow! The musical arrangements on this specific track are really original and mind blowing, superb guitars!

By using mostly high speed on their songs the band often comes close to the Crossover scène from the old days but thankfully they are technical and varied enough to sound much more interesting. Gross Reality plays fast mostly and thanks to that strong sound they overwhelm the listener. This music demands to be played loud, no other options are allowed! Ten strong songs are awaiting you on a record that after all is too short (35 minutes).

Another strong point from this release is without any doubt the incredible played guitars. Razor sharp riffs that will cut your flesh in peaces, lots of screaming and fast fingered leads that will make your ears explode and twin guitars that will leave you behind with eyes and ears wide shut. On this point Gross reality reminds me of the good old Forbidden or don’t you remember the time when their debut was released to become a classic one? Awesome times, not?  You don’t hear me say that Gross Reality’s “Overthrow” reaches the same level as “Forbidden Evil” but at least you will discover that this band is heading the same way! What Forbidden made so incredibly strong were of course Russ Anderson’s high screams, something you won’t discover on Gross Reality. Forbidden made the tracks also a bit more recognizable by adding more melodic lines, the kind that keeps on playing in your mind. On this point Gross reality might need to grow a bit although I can imagine the band would not agree with me. What I mean is that this kind speed isn’t demanded on any track and Gross Reality is music so strong that they can overgrow their style to be enclosed by the entire Metal scène…

What makes them so special anyway are those compositions with atmospheric calmer guitars, just discover it!  On “Generation 36” Gross Reality surely offers what I am demanding before, fantastic track! Tracks like “Save yourself” or “Human resign” will also make you capitulate anyway, at least they did with me. If this band keeps on working this way a masterpiece is heading our way because I believe Gross is capable creating one. This one reaches easily the magic line of 90 points but to release a ‘classic one’ something more is needed, that ‘special touch’ that makes a band irresistible. But I have faith and Gross Reality is probably the best new Thrash band from out of the USA! US Metal still reigns supreme, Gross Reality proves me right!

This debut is as strong as the hardest kind of steel and Gross Reality impresses! Any fan of Thrash Metal must be enthusiast about this record. Gross Reality blows a new wind into the Thrash Metal scène and with a bit of luck they will influence other new bands. I don’t feel the need to hear another new Exodus or Nuclear Assault. If I want to hear music in vein of these bands I will hook up with the real ones. Gross Reality succeeds on the goal being original and with their musical intelligence they must convince all the oldies amongst us. I know, there are way too many bands nowadays but save your money for this one! This release deserves a place in your collection and Gross Reality is a promising band for the future. Feel free to check YouTube or to discover them on our online compilation. .


My Points: 89 / 100     




95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish