WARCKON - HIGH TREASON (Emanes Metal Records)



Formed back in the summer of 2009 somewhere in the east part of Belgium, four piece metallers Warckon released its first official full album “The Madman’s Lullaby” through French label Emanes Metal Records early 2011. Emanes sent us a promo to review and we  knew immediately that these four young lads were able to deliver their way of Metal pure en unsalted, greatly influenced by Bay Area Thrash Metal ! In the meantime, the band has been busy with doing a lot of live shows alongside well-known thrash acts like Artillery, Hyades and Enforces (to name but a few!). A while ago, I was present at a performance of Warckon and must admit, they took me completely by surprise. It was my first live contact with the band I will not soon forget. Walking the stage with that way persuasive power and a whole lot of focus, the young dudes of Warckon convinced all over. My own list of Belgian thrash acts is still led by the mighty Cyclone fame followed by others like Target, Decadence, Evil Sinner, After All, Channel Zero (the early days!), Gae Bolga, Evil Invaders, Bliksem, Sanity’s Rage among others. And of course, I just added Warckon to this list as well because they deserve it!


Warckon’s debut effort “The Madman’s Lullaby” had a potential character on board so next mission to accomplish was to release an inevitable successor. With courage and motivated passion for Metal music, they went into the studio to record their new album entitled “High Treason”, again through Emanes Metal Records whose faith in the band is still rightly very strong. Officially, “High Treason” saw daylight on the first of March 2014, be prepared for a lethal dose of excellent Thrash Metal with a nod to the almighty Bay Area scene !


After the intro ‘Mare Tranquilitatis’ it’s time for a first Thrash Metal assault able to take me by the throat right away, it’s entitled ‘The Weak’. The pace is excellent to start bang your head, the riffs are mostly lightning fast/quite technical and the leads all the time coming on strong in a razor sharp melodious manner. Based on the guitar moves only, Warckon is located in a very favourable/promising position. Also the bass and drum lines are convincing ! These are all good remarks but as I may speak for myself, the best has yet to come. Fact is that Warckon has a real good singer within its ranks with a wide range of versatility. Usually singing with an aggressive tone which perfectly fits into the Thrash Metal genre as we know from the 80s… more specifically, Bay Area styled. As for me, his style of vocal delivery feels like a meeting between Phil Flores of 80s thrashers EvilDead and Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda). Fairly clear, nevertheless aggressive voice flirting with a grim dose of slicing screams… that’s what good old US Thrash Metal was and still is all about. Speaking about the technical side of ‘The Weak’, Warckon scores a high rating.


Regarding the title song, Warckon displays some kind of a tribute to Classic Heavy Metal and is a beautiful piece to me, yet another proof of how versatile they really are. To underline how strong these youngster’s technical skills are I would advise to check out the instrumental called ‘Mutant Messiah. Individually, they prove their know-how in delivering Metal in its purest form. ‘My Very Own Moriarty’ and ‘The Samurai” reflect a more Classic Power/Heavy Metal image but with songs like ‘Choir Of Shadows, Dawn Of The Era Gargoyles’ and ‘Sleeper’ it’s time to go thrashing again, all systems go seems to be the right slogan ! Warckon’s “High Treason” terminates with ‘Grief Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’ and I have to say that Metallica’s legendary track ‘One’ meets several times in my head. Musical evaluated, all is very well done (especially the guitar solo’s are fantastic) but I’m not very pleased about the vocals this time. Just a matter of personal taste, I’d rather like to hear Warckon’s vocalist acting with full force, with more aggression.


If you do not know the origin of this band while checking out the entire album, you'd swear to have an appointment with an American formation from the past and based on that… well, that’s exactly why I like this album so much. My point of view still read as follows: No Metal Like US Classic Heavy/Power/Progressive/Thrash Metal. Those who do not agree with this phrase, fair enough and no hard feelings.


For sure, this sophomore effort from Belgian based Warckon is a big one with a high dose of potential opportunities. “High Treason” should be an album that opens international doors but a fact is fact… for a band originating from this country, it’s not that easy to gain notoriety abroad. Still my conclusion is that Warckon deserves to be recognized far beyond the Belgian borders so I’ll cross my fingers and hope they get what they deserve anyway. Fans of Bay Area Thrash Metal in the vein of EvilDead, Atrophy, Megadeth, Metallica, Death Angel, Exodus, Hexen and stuff, don’t hesitate to order blindfold via Emanes Metal Recordsor through their own official page at: http://www.warckon.com/I’d like to announce Warckon’s “High Treason” as Belgium’s best Thrash Metal cut at the moment… great job guys!


My Points: 89 / 100




95+ : Outstanding, high valued albums & Classic Ones… a direct purchase is advisable !

Between 90 and 95: Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan

Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it

Between 70 and 79: Decent but best previewing

Between 60 and 69: Rather moderate

Between 50 and 59: Bad, substandard

50- : Rubbish