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(Questionnaire by Officer Nice)


Q: Hello guys, how are you guys doing? For me, as a Belgian, I know Fireforce but can you tell our readers from abroad who Fireforce is? Can you tell us more about the history of the band and the members?

A:Off course! Fireforce emerged in September 2008 from the ashes of the Belgian Metal band DOUBLE DIAMOND. Flype and I decided to start this new band after realising that the other Diamond guys were not motivated enough to go on so we both left DD and looked for new members. Soon after the formation of the band, we were able to play our first gigs in February 2009. It was great to share stages with eg. Jaguar, Cloven Hoof, Avenger and Vicious Rumors.


During this initial period, we also recorded our EP “Moonlight Lady” here in Belgium, which featured four songs, was produced in Germany by RD Liapakis and was primarily used for promotional purposes from august 2009. This led to the attention of a German label and brought us a record-deal and we started to record “March On” in august 2010. This album was released in March 2011. The promotion by the label was very poor though and when we were ready to record our second album, they didn’t want to support us financially. So those two factors made us searching for other options.


We had to buy ourselves out of the label before we could make a new deal so it took a while. Limb music was very interested and gave us a good deal and look, now, June 2014, Deathbringer was released!



Q: “Deathbringer” is the second effort from the band. What can you tell us about the previous album and what happened ever since?


A: We did play a lot and promoted us were possible. We toured with Pegazus in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Austria and played PPM fest twice… We even played in Cyprus! We did a lot great shows! The line-up also changed because some musicians had to make decisions in their lives and couldn’t combine the band with their other activities. Sadly another line-up change will happen soon but this will be communicated in a few weeks.


Q: The new album is now released, how were the reactions until now?

A: Great! The reviews are good to very good so I’m a happy person!


Q: What are the main differences between both albums?

A: The production is better, the songs are more mature, let’s say: we evolved!


Q: Did you read the review on Metal To Infinity? Agree or disagree?

A: Héhé, it’s a great review so I agree…haha!


Q: “Deathbringer” is released on a better label and is a very good produced album. Can you tell us more – song by song - about the tracks and the lyrics?

A: This will take some time… J

Deathbringer: About the battle on the Somme, 1916, and a guy walking the battlefield and anyone who he touches, dies… The useless slaughter of young men after the explosion of the Hawthorne Ridge mine…

Highland Charge: A Scottish tactic to attack an enemy line…read about it…

Combat Metal: Just a song about metal and the fact I will fight for my music…I would love to quote a reviewer of Hardrockheaven webzine who said, when our “March On” was released: “If anyone ever creates a power metal sub-genre called “Combat Metal” Belgium's Fireforce will be leading the charge!”  And so that’s what we play – Combat Metal!


Thunder Will Roll: About the Viking attack on the Lyndisfarne Monastery

To The Battle: The battle of El Alamein…and Erwin Rommel, the desert fox…who wasn’t there at that time, haha! The feeling on a desolated desert battlefield, burning, black smoke, hot..

Attracted To Sin And Lust: About a woman who dreams at night about an evil spirit that abuses her in her dreams…and she likes it…

Words Of Hatred: About a guy who is misled by a woman. She only takes and never gives something back. When he has nothing more to give she dumps him like shit and he hates…hates…and wishes her dead.

King Of Lies: Religion…

Aeons: About soulmates who find eachother always again in other lives…reincarnation…

Anubis: About the Egyptian god Anubis

Sekhmet: About the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. These two form with “Horus” from March On a trilogy…

MN29: About a 5 man bunkercrew (Bunker MN29) who fought in WW2 at the Belgian border. They had to observe the Germans and give this information to the fortress of Battice who could shoot the troops. They were completely surrounded and after a week they were blown up, only two of them survived…real heroes…

Gangland: Tygers Of Pan Tang cover…I had to record a TOPT song… really, I had to!



Q: How was time in studio and who helped you guys out to deliver this product?

A: Studiotime was hard and heavy. We did two sessions of ten days and one of 4. The team was the same as before: RD Liapakis as producer and Christian Schmid as technician. They are great and fantastic guys! Lia pushes you everytime further than you want and Christian is always calm and funny…it works and they are friends for ever… Also a very important person to mention in creating the product is Anestis Goudas, he made the cover!


Q: Give us, in your opinion, at least 3 good reasons why people should purchase the album…

A: Well, it’s Belgian, it’s metal and it’s damn f*cking good!



Q: What are the main sources of inspiration? What are the 5 favorite albums in your collection and why?

A: Véry difficult… I have a véééry big collection and I love almost all my albums and it changes every day which one I like the most…  I will give it a shot:

*Metal Church – Metal Church

*Satanic Curses – Mystic Prophecy

*Spellbound – Tygers Of Pan Tang

*The Dark Roots of Evil – Testament

*The Book Of Heavy Metal – Dream Evil 

And why? Because they’re great albums!


Q: You guys are old schooled, as I am. How do you look at the present Metal scène? Any good albums you purchased the last year?

A: A lot, but don’t ask me exactly what because I buy maybe 100 albums a year… Just to mention a few: Primal Fear, Nightmare, Rage, Nightdemon…


Q: This brings me to the Belgian Metal scène. What can you tell our readers about the past – present and future of it? What’s the place of Fireforce in it?

A: Belgian Metal scène…it’s very small…and has one big problem: most of the time a Belgian fan won’t drive far to see his favorite band. If they don’t play at his doorstep he doesn’t move his ass… (I know, there are exceptions…).

If you compare to Germany for example, there they drive 200-300km or more without problem to see a show, over here 50km is most of the time too far…our mentality is completely different. That’s why you can exist 4 years, play 50 shows in Belgium and still have people that don’t know your band, even they live not even 50km away…strange… And besides that, Belgian bands are still underrated...that what comes from outside our country is always better, at least, that’s what a lot of people think… Then there a lot of organisations who work against each other, instead of working together…sad, very sad… But, on the other hand there a lot of people who really support the scène in any way they can – hail to them!


Q: In Belgium we are able to see Fireforce on stage whenever we want. How about the rest of Europe?

A: September will bring us to Germany, the Swordbrothers festival, In October we’re on a 10 day tour with Mystic Prophecy and Crystal Tears. Belgium, Holland, Germany and Austria. Check our site for the dates! In November we will play in Athens, Greece…and a lot of other shows are coming up…keep your eyes on the dates!


Q: What can people expect from Firefore on stage?

A: An energetic show that will blow your brains out. On the bigger stages we have a complete show with big sidebanners of a WW1 trench, our dogs of war, wargear and lots of smoke…it’s an eyecatcher!


Q: What’s the goal of Fireforce for the future?

A: To survive, to tour and play a lot…and to record a third album…


Q: Where can our readers buy the albums and merchandise?

A: In the better music shops, through our label’s website and through our own website…


Q: Any last words for the fans and our readers?

A: Stay hard and support Belgian metal, and thanks for being there!


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