A talk with

Fang VonWrathenstein (Lead Vocals)

(Questionnaire by Stefan)

Thanks to the good cooperation with Benjamin, CEO of Online Metal Promo, Wisconsin based Metal band Lords Of The Trident sent me their latest EP called “Plan Of Attack” to review. Last year we also received these guys’ previous effort “Chains Of Fire”, back then, one of our MTI co-editors immersed himself into the band’s style and more… feel free to read his thoughts right HERE. Not being agreed with certain statements of the band - I fully concur with Officer Nice’s discussion in any case. Meanwhile my own vision for Lords Of The Trident’s newest cut “Plan Of Attack” has been published at THIS location. In the following interview, I’d like to give the band the opportunity to defend themselves regarding some verbal expessions which did arise our indignation in some way. 


Q: Friendly, I’d like to bid you welcome guys ! What’s up in Wisconsin at the moment – how’s the Metal scene up there?


A: Hail and well met, my friend! The metal scene in Wisconsin is interesting. There’s a lot of terrible death metal and metalcore bands in Wisconsin. At least, compared to bands like us who play a more classic metal style.



There are a few talented death metal bands amongst the bunch, but I find that battling these bands can get tiring, because we always win. There’s something to be said about wholesale slaughter of the unworthy, but sometimes a warrior wants a challenge, know what I mean? Thankfully there are bands like Conniption from Milwaukee, WI and Forcefield from Appleton, WI who keep the battles invigorating. That’s why we constantly tour to other lands in search of true warriors to battle.




Q: In what way is your band emerged - who can make a step forward and say, I’m the founder of Lords Of The Trident?


A: Well, I (Fang VonWrathenstein) technically formed the band at the beginning of time. It was I who gathered the members together, and I act as a general leader of the band. I would say that the founding members of the band are myself and Asian Metal, as we are the members who have lasted the longest against the onslaught of SPIDR, the shadowy multinational organization who try to capture or kill our members.




Q: Where’s the bandname comes from?


A: I wish we had a better story for this! Once we formed the band, we fought for what seemed like ages about a proper band name. Many names were suggested, but none were deemed worthy for a band as incredible as the LORDS. So, we ended up breaking out a cask of ale that night…or maybe it was seven, I forget…and drunkenly making our way to the Oracle of Delphi. Sloshed, we asked that the Oracle come up with a band name for us. After referencing the stars and various animal entrails, she eventually said: “LORDS OF THE TRIDENT UNITE”. We thought that was a pretty good name, so we went with it. Eventually, though, we found the name to be a bit too long, so we dropped the “unite” part.




Q: As soon as the line up was complete, what were the intended ambitions?


A: To completely conquer the world with our heavy metal shredding abilities. To leave no ear unscathed by our pounding, thunderous METAL. To crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their women. And also to hopefully get free drinks from the bar during the process.



Q: Why using aliases instead of your real names?


A: These are our real names! The aliases we use are our more “mortal”-sounding names. Why, you ask? There are some times in life where you (unfortunately) must fill out forms, and sometimes these forms have little boxes for each letter of your name. You know the kind I’m talking about? Well, ”Fang VonWrathenstein” is usually a little too long for these types of forms, so I took up a mortal pseudonym: “Ty”. Much shorter. And the other members of the band have these pseudonyms as well. We use them, along with mortal clothing, to escape the legions of lustful groupies waiting for us after the show trying to sex us to death.




Q: Back in the days, Manowar considered themselves as ‘the loudest band in the world’ and Lords Of The Trident claim to be ‘the most Metal band on earth’. Expressions that actually mean nothing to me, I ask myself all the time… when a band is allowed to express themselves in this way?


A: Only when they can back it up with pure, hard, scientific evidence. So far, every band that has battled with the LORDS has fallen. If you can find a more METAL band than us, they’re welcome to try to match our strength. Manowar has yet to take us up on the offer to battle them in a steel cage. I believe they are afraid of us. Rightfully so!




Q: On the booklet of your previous effort “Chains Of Fire” there was a note written pointed to all reviewers. Actually a prohibition to use a certain name because the risk of getting used. C’mon guys, what the hell is this… feel free to declare yourself.


A: Unfortunately, our demonic lawyers have told us we cannot talk about this incident. A shame, too, because it’s one hell of a story. Perhaps one day we will be able to tell it.




Q: Before talking about your great way of US Metal delivery, why you guys wearing those quite silly/remarkable clothes on stage? What’s wrong with a simple T Shirt and jeans?


A: We wear our armor for two purposes. First – we are under constant attack while we’re on stage. What if someone whips out an axe in the crowd? What if some cowardly assassin tried to take us out with a crossbow? Would you have us wearing jeans and a t-shirt then? Certainly not!


Second – how many millions of bands out there wear jeans and a t-shirt? How do you tell them apart? Jeans and a t-shirt is boring. Jeans and a t-shirt tells me that they’re not interested in putting on a good stage show. Plus, there are unworthy people out there who are not into metal simply because they think that “metal” is all screaming and harsh guitars, which you and I know to be untrue. There are so many different types of metal out there that nearly everyone can find something they like. But your average Joe Frathouse doesn’t know that. So normally he’d never be caught dead at a metal show, but he sees our posters and thinks, “Huh…that seems like it would be an interesting show to see.” Then he comes, realizes that he actually likes the music, and voila – another metalhead is born.


When you play a show, it’s called a show for a reason – you’re showing something. Bands that are boring on stage and look boring are easy to battle. They may have good music, but no one’s going to want to see them live.




Q: So far the questions about certain things that annoy me the most, next I’d like to know where the lyrical themes are based on. Who’s the songwriter within the camp of LOTD?


A: Most of the lyrics are written by myself. Sometimes Asian Metal will come up with some lyrical themes that he wants to explore in a certain song, but 95% of the lyric writing is done by yours truly. Almost all of the themes are based on real-life experience of battle, bloodshed, and carnage. Some are influenced by historical events, and some by potential future events. It really depends on the song in question.




Q: Metal To Infinity’s co-editor Officer Nice wrote the review for your previously released cut “Chains Of Fire”, I recently penned down my thoughts of your newest EP called “Plan Of Attack”. What is your reaction on both discussions?


A: I was pleased! I always love reading reviews, good or bad. But the reviews are almost always good – haha! I definitely laughed at the line “Young, Reckless and Wild”. That defines us pretty closely, except the young part. You know I’ve been around since the beginning of time, don’t you? I’m also glad we gained two points since the Chains on Fire review. This means we’re on the right track. Perhaps this new album we’re working on will get us up to 90%? Only time will tell, I suppose.




Q: You guys debuted with an album I’m not familiar with at all. Would you like to give up some kind briefing history?


A: Our first album was called “Death or Sandwich”, and it was mostly recorded by myself in our studio at the time. It was my first attempt at recording an album by myself, and you can tell, as the mix was not the greatest in the world. Still, it contains a number of fan-favorite songs including “The Virgin Vault”, “Heart in the Fire”, and the ever-contentious “Rapeshore”. Some people love the album, but personally I think our newer stuff is much better. Doesn’t every artist think the same thing, though? Ha!




Q: You will never get rid of the good old Heavy Metal tradition, right? Which bands can be announced as sources of inspiration?


A: We get asked this a lot, and it’s sort of an awkward answer, because our band existed well before many of the “greats” were even born. Heck, we were selling out auditoriums in 1342, black plague or no! So I think a lot of the well-known metal bands are really doing homages to the LORDS, whether they know it or not. But I’d say some of our favorites are – of course – Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, etc. and we also really enjoy Savatage, Loudness, and even modern metal bands like Scar Symmetry. We’re all over the board in terms of what sort of metal we listen to in our Tridentmobile while on the road.




Q: According to myself and to compare “Chains Of Fire” with “Plan Of Attack”, there is a huge musical progress audible. The song structures are much stronger, the guitars to sound really technical to the bone, also the vocals are stronger than before. I’d like to say, well done guys. Who produced the EP, who was in charge to deliver the cover artwork?


A: Thank you! This was the first time that we let a mortal producer get his hands on our music, and it paid off! Our producers were Doug Olson and Martin Atkins. Doug also engineered the album, and has been a producer/engineer for Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Cheap Trick, and many others. Needless to say, he has QUITE the amount of experience to back up his skills. Martin was a drummer for Nine Inch Nails, and also drummer with Ministry, Killing Joke, Pigface, and many other industrial bands. It was great to get their perspective on things. Doug is currently working with us on this new full-length album as well!


The cover was done by greek artist Andreas Zafiratos. He is an incredible talent, and we’re honored to be able to work with him. He’s designing the cover for the next album as well!




Q: You collaborate with Benjamin from Online Metal Promo who gives a great form of promotion to a lot of bands. How did you came in touch with Benjamin?


A: Ben found us back in the Death or Sandwich days, as we were just starting up again from our 700-ish-year hiatus. We ended up playing a show with Cage, who he was managing at the time, and he contacted us about doing PR. It seemed like a good fit, and he’s been helping us ever since.




Q: Did you already heard about the collaboration between OMP and MTI for the release of a US Metal compilation coming up in August 2014? I’m sure you guys will participate as well, right?


A: Yes, absolutely! Anything to spread our true METAL to the masses! I also enjoy listening to the compilations to see what we’re up against.




Q: What about live experiences, name a few interesting acts you’ve shared the stage with so far?


A: Recently we got to open for Helloween, which was a fantastic time. Sledge (our drummer at the time) was putting on his armor, and one of their roadies came up to him and said (in a thick German accent): “So, vat does your lover sink of all of zees chains un leather? Does he like it?” Ha! We were laughing so hard, we had to hold him back from killing the guy. We have SO many stories from the road, it’s hard to pick just one. One time we opened for Skeletonwitch and 3 Inches of Blood. The singer of Skeletonwitch is one of the nicest guys in the world. I couldn’t find my jacket at the end of the night, and the entire band stopped loading their gear to help me look. So incredibly nice.




Q: Any plans to make a long trip to Europe to offer a few concerts? To me Lords Of The Trident would be the perfect fit for majestic feasts on Metal like Keep It True and Headbangers Open Air. Those festivals where US Metal still reigns supreme !


A: We would love to play Europe again. I think the dust has settled since that unfortunate “Black Plague incident” that one of our promoters caused in 1342. “Hey Fang, we should give out a free rat with every ticket purchased!” Jeeze, I should’ve never listened to that guy. But yes, if we can find a way to ship over all of our weapons, armor, and equipment, and somehow break even with our finances, we’d do it in a heartbeat. 




Q: Are you aware of our own Belgian Metal scene?


A: I’m aware that we have a few diehard fans in Belgium! But I’ve never had the pleasure of making it to Belgium to experience the local scene. I’d love to come someday and size up the competition! Ha!




Q: My questionnaire seems almost used up, a last one before I go… how the future plans for Lords Of The Trident looks like?


A: We’re currently working on our next album, which is tentatively titled “The Longest Journey”. As of today, we’re 13.87% done recording the album. At the end of the week, we’re going on our United States summer tour, and we’ll be hitting up some venues in the Southern US for the first time. We’re very excited to try these so-called “grits” that many of the Southerners enjoy eating. We’re also getting ready for the next music video, and perhaps a winter tour as well. We’re busy!




Q: Well thanks a lot for filling out the blanks, maybe you have some last remarks… if so, speak at free will guys !


A: Tell all of your worthy friends to check us out online! Our main site is: www.LordsOfTheTrident.com. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and many other sites. Support your LORDS by purchasing a copy of our album on AmazonMP3, iTunes, BandCamp, or many of the other digital sites out there. The truest warriors will also make their fandom “Facebook official” by liking our Facebook page.


And just like my barbarian mother always said, “You can’t stay true if you’re listening to Nickelback”, so make sure to keep blasting our metal LOUD!