AMBEON - FATE OF A DREAMER (Transmission Records)


I like my Metal heavy and pure, mostly with screaming guitars, hard hitting riffs and high pitched vocals. Nevertheless I can dream away by soft and ambient passages, I can adore pieces of music that gives me cold shivers, makes me calm and even melancholic. It are only the biggest musicians on earth who are able to deliver music that is full of different kinds of emotions; either it is anger, frustration, sorrow, sadness, love… 

The strongest full ‘soft’ album I have ever heard is without any doubt Ambeon’s “Fate of a dreamer”. To be honest I can’t get enough of it and I pity so much Arjen Lucassen stopped this project. Along with Astrid Van Der Veen, who was by the way fourteen (!!!) years old when she performed at this CD, he delivered one of the most beautiful Metal albums ever written. When I say beautiful you need to take this word literally! This isn’t exactly the music outstanders expect from a Metal fan, it’s another genius creation of musical mastermind Arjen Lucassen! I don’t know in what of mood Arjen Lucassen was when he wrote this record but I suppose he was amongst the gods in the era he wrote this one! 

Of course we know this man from Vengeance and all his albums with Ayreon but to me this is his strongest release ever. I admit I don’t adore all of his albums, especially because I often had the feeling he kept on repeating his own ideas. The strong points of the Ayreon CD’s are anyway those ambient and atmospheric performed arrangements. Especially these strong elements can be found back on this entire album. The tempo is slower, the use of instruments wider but most important is that the feelings are so much deeper! 

Not that this is an album full of ballads, but often it feels that way! Not for a second you will hear cheesy songs, you’ll only witness impressive tracks which are full of character. The way the keyboards are playing a leading role into “Fate of a dreamer” is distinctive! This music makes the listener dream all the way, bringing him in a special mood and all along Heavy Metal is present on a subtle way! Fans of Pink Floyd, Fates Warning, The Gathering, Nightwish… won’t believe their ears! 

Aren Lucassen mixes some kind of ambient New Age music with Metal, as he has done before, but on this particular record the effect is breathtaking! No one, even not the biggest Metal hater, can deny the beauty of it. Neither can he or she say this isn’t Heavy Metal, it is… It is dark and Progressive, Gothic and full of surprising musical elements. This music is from out of space and it makes the listener making a trip to a world we don’t know, yet this world seems to be full of dark energy and picturesque landscapes!

And what to say about Astrid Van Der Veen? This girl worked before with Arjen (“Temple Of The Cat” on “Ayreonauts Only”) and he was so impressed by her angelic voice he gave her the chance to prove herself on this record! And did she take her chance? Oh yes and let me bow my head deep for her! This kid did an amazing job, she sounds mature, sweet, passionate and sensitive! It seems so incredible and unbelievable a young girl from this age is able to do such a godlike performance! This young girl is the only female who’s able to hook up with Tarja Turunen, especially because of her wide ranged voice and the emotions she puts into every note!

Of course the guitars are amazing and extraordinary. Arjen Lucassen hits the strings hard on the one way, during the solos subtle and sentimental on the other… Reading that Arjen Lucassen wasn’t exactly satisfied by this record is unbelievable! Too much computers? Okay, but it all fits! A bit too cold? Do you want me to burn alive! Come on Arjen; this is a masterpiece I can’t rate it any higher! This is one of those releases I give it spins once and a while, especially when I’m tired, sad, melancholic, emotional or depressed! It makes me feel better, makes me dream away, it gives me some kind of bizarre energy, it makes me strong enough to fight this evil world! I don’t want to go to heaven, I deserve a place in hell but at least let Ambeon be there if they force me to go to heaven…  

This album is totally sold out and I know plenty of people who are desperately searching for it. Once you’ve witnessed these tunes I’m quite sure you want to add this to your collection! Keep on trying to find the most beautiful soft Metal album ever released! And cross your fingers this couple will work hard on a new album ever again! 

My Points: 98 / 100