ANTITHESIS - ANTITHESIS (Voices Of Wonder Records)


I’ve told you before that some of the finest Metal bands on earth can be found amongst those Christian Metal formations. Deadly Blessing, Sacred Warrior, Deliverance to name a few! All of these bands deliver superb US Power / Thrash Metal, strongly influenced by the Bay Area Thrash Metal, the classic Progressive Metal band and traditional Heavy Metal. Add shredding solos, mind blowing vocals and you receive the best of the best in the Metal scène. 

Another awesome band that deserves its place amongst our classic ones is Antithesis. Their second CD, “Dying For Live” is pretty easy to find but their self titled debut really isn’t. Nevertheless this is a record that deserves a place in the collection of every US Power Metal fanatic! Search on ebay or whatever and bid for it, believe me you won’t be disappointed! 

Why? Well because this is another example of how good US Power Metal really is. The songs are fantastic and contain the best elements you want from a Metal band! Both guitar players deliver the listener one after another, amazing riff, well produced and sounding so damn ‘Metal’! Antithesis plays sharp as a razor but these guys don’t forget to add emotional arrangements into their music. The music isn’t that easy to get into but somehow it contains an addicting effect. Especially those mid-tempo rhythmic sessions, supported by outstanding technical double bass and fine played bass guitar lines, are giving me the right kick! 

I’ve written a review about Spirit Web before and for some reason this album reminds me a lot to that fabulous debut of Spirit Web! The opening track “Netherworld” is the perfect song to get into this CD and shows immediately what you can expect! “Limbo” for example is a track that gives met the same feelings, it contains a similar dark mood! Those progressive arrangements, foreseen with galloping shredding riffs and the bludgeon basic lines are godlike! This is how I want my Metal to sound, powerful, technical and with a major sensitive input! Antithesis obliges me to bang my head as I am listening to this CD in a dark room, hiding myself behind my PC! Damn, what a mighty song!  

Singer of Antithesis on this record is Ty Cook. Nowadays he is replaced by a man called Matt Adkins but ever since, Antithesis is hidden in a strange world of silence. I shouldn’t know if there is any news about the band, I can only hope for new material in the near future. Talking about Ty Cook I can tell you this guy owns an amazing voice, typical for US Power Metal! His vocal sound is clear and strong and with his wide ranged voice he will leave you behind with eyes wide shut! He’s a fantastic singer that can be compared with Harry Concklin (Jag Panzer, Titan Force) and Scott Huffman (Spirit Web, Syris, Twelfth Gate, Mindwarp Chamber). Without any doubts his voice makes the music of Antithesis sounding so impressive and I can’t wait to hear if the new singer will do at least as good as he did. 

While listening to this CD once more I keep on being astonished because of the fantastic guitars! Sean Perry and Tom Guignette are a fantastic guitar duo but in the years, Tom G. was replaced by Paul Konjicija. Anyway these guitar players are top! My favorite songs on this release are “Netherworld”, “Limbo”, “Secret Fires”, “Plastic” and the mighty “The Curse” with that fantastic acoustic intro!  

If you’re into first class US Power Metal you shouldn’t doubt purchasing this one. It is a pity that bands like Antithesis never really got fair chances to show their talents to the world. I am so convinced, if the Metal scène would be honest and fair, a lot of people would adore this release. Well, I can only advice you to join the chosen few who adore this band because they’re worth it. Fans of bands like Helstar, Jag Panzer, Spirit Web etc. will worship this release. If you want to stay posted check:  

My Points : 95 / 100