Guys from American Record label Powerplay Records told me the news about the re-issue of two beauties of Classic US Metal. The ones we're talking about is the band Damien. Old school US Metal maniacs definitely know who they really are, for all those who don't  - Damien is the name of a fantastic, very talented outfit who released two LP's in the late eighties. To me, US Classic Heavy/Power Metal in its purest form!

First cut for the band was "Every Dog Has Its Day" ('87 through Select Records), their second effort was called "Stop This War" (Mondo Music) impressed the US Metal community back in '89. Those days, only available as long player and now for the very first time on CD. The record company make it all possible named Powerplay Records, people who know the real essence of  US Metal music for sure.

The limited edition of "Every Dog Has Its Day" is a pure satisfaction for Heavy Metal ears. Cover art, inlay, and of course the music is outstanding. This is a killer 80s US Metal release with remastered versions of 10 awesome songs. Maybe you never heard of Damien before, there are some similarities with bands such as: Judas Priest, Saint, Black Knight, Malice, Witchkiller, Fifth Angel, Leatherwolf,... all about outstanding Classic US Metal as it should be! 

The screaming guitars and the high-pitched vocals are present in glory, believe me. I have an endless form of respect for bands like this and the best part of all is that such kinda albums are now available on CD, awesome! Every single song has is own character but all the time, the ultimate spirit of true US steel is breathing down your neck. The CD also includes a bonus video track of "Every Dog Has Its Day".

My Points: 97 / 100


There second album called "Stop This War" is also available through the same Record Company... same quality Metal as their previous one. ten songs in the same style, this time with even more great vocals/sharpened steel guitars than before. I really haven't got words enough to tell you all how great this album is, once you’re in you won’t get out ! 

This limited edition re-issue of “Stop This War” for the fist time available on CD, featuring once again remastered audio works, refreshed poster booklet, nice looking artwork, etcetera. Besides ten high and mighty quality US Metal tunes, one bonus video includes as well, entitled "Break Out"! If you're ready to catch some boiling hot 80s US Power Metal, hurry up because these are limited editions and you know for sure what that means. 

I will say it over and over again, both Damien albums are a must-have for US Metal worshippers mainly. Maybe it won't be that easy to find these pearls, at least you can try at: info@powerplayrecords.com  or www.powerplayrecords.com . Another evidence that American Metal still reigns supreme and forever will be...  that’s for sure !

My Points: 97 / 100