In our topic Metal From The Past (Classic Ones) we don't always look back to the old days. A few years ago I heard the ''Nightmare World'' song on the radio and I admit I was astonished, surprised, speechless. The guitar riffs seemed so faultless, the arrangements were just the thing, the vocals made me breathless. Varied songs on different progressive tempi, with the power of some pure mid tempo thrash!


Back then I never heard of the band before but the title track was enough to make me a fan. At first I didn’t hear the band name right so I became desperate finding the album. I did find this piece of gold after all and it became one of my favorite Metal albums ever. The disc was on my CD-player for several weeks, even months. It was the best release of the year 2000 and even nowadays I often listen to “Nightmare World” to get the perfect kick out of it.


Eidolon is a Canadian band and released two great albums before this pearl, four afterwards. Since the follow-up 'Hallowed Apparition', another impressive album, the line-up changed. Unfortunately Brian Soulard left the band to start 7th Reign. I know some people really don't like his vocals but I do, a lot! He has some melancholic timbre in his voice and I really love the clearance in it and of course his shrieks (he rarely uses them). He’s one of my favorite metal singers which means a lot for a fan of US Metal!


The Glover brothers are of course the main talented musicians in the band. Glen has a history with King Diamond’s band it is quite obvious these brothers have the skills. Also Dave Mustain noticed their competences and so they joined Megadeth for a world tour and already one album (''United Abominations''). Once again it is easily to hear what a great guitar-player Glenn Drover is, his riffs are exceptional, his guitar solos outstanding, his acoustic parts makes you shiver. Same counts for his brother Shawn, for sure he's a gifted Metal drummer.


''Nightmare World'' is a piece of art in the US Power / Thrash style. You will discover the best elements of several genres in it, fine arrangements and songs that are incomparable good written. Influenced by the 80s Metal movement but with a modern outstanding production this might be the album you’re looking for. Eidolon never received the main respect, although they deserve it for every note on this Metal bomb. No weaknesses, only songs to bang that head until it breaks... This is Heavy Metal, as true as it can be! 


My points: 100 / 100