OoooooOOAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! What a devastating power to start an album with! This must be one of the best shrieks on a Metal album! 

Ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about Forbidden! In the eighties Thrash Metal was at its top and a lot of outstanding bands tried their luck, unfortunately only a few succeeded. It was a time of 'posers' and 'thrashers', an unforgettable period for the Metal fans. Especially in the USA there was a lot of talent, Forbidden might be the perfect example. Slayer, Exodus, Metallica, Testament, Megadeth and Anthrax already defeated the world and proved Metal wasn't just a hype. In that period Forbidden released ''Forbidden Evil'', one of the best albums in 1988. You can't call Forbidden pioneers but for sure they've helped making Thrash Metal sound perfect. The first notes were enough to create a crowded fan base in the Metal scene, the reviews in the fanzines were very positive and promising for the future. Especially in Belgium and Holland Forbidden was successful, although they never visited Belgium for a gig. What I do remember is their legendary concert at the Dynamo Open Air festival, the one you still can find on CD (''Raw Evil: Live At The Dynamo'')

Not only the excellent front cover was attractive, also the band logo was eye-catching. The USA Thrash Metal scene inspired a lot of bands and became a way of life for a lot of metal heads, worshipping each band  and creating their own little world. Forbidden was for a while at the top of the Thrash Metal movement and their two first albums were from an exceptional level. The killer riffs, the brilliant twin guitar solos, the overwhelming dose of power and pure thrash elements were all we needed in those days. To be honest, I still need this kind of music to lose all my bad or good feelings. Especially Russ Anderson's ear-catching vocals made this band 'one of a kind'.  Even after all these years I still see Forbidden as one of the godfathers of the Thrash Metal community and Russ Anderson was for a big part responsible for it. Russ wasn't the only 'star of thrash', drummer Paul Bostaph was a member of Testament, Slayer, Exodus and both guitar players were also active in some great bands.


It is impossible to name favorite songs because this 'piece of art' is full of impressive creations. Of course 'Chalice of blood' is a song that mains the attraction from the very first notes but what can we say about 'Through Eyes Of Glass', 'Forbidden Evil', 'Follow Me'? All sound perfect, don't they? Too less bands were able to write Metal the way Forbidden did, hardly you can find a singer with the qualities of Russ Anderson who still remains the status of a Metal god.  It is a pity Nirvana (and of course the commercial music business) killed the metal scene in the early nineties, Forbidden was without any doubt a victim of the 'grunge' movement.


I can share some good news about Forbidden; they've reunited for a tour and I think (and hope) you will see them at the next Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium) thanks to Alcatraz Concerts. Do you know Alcatraz? It was the only pure Thrash Metal pub Belgium ever had and I'm quite sure a lot of bands own their Belgian successes thanks to this 'metal church'. It was a time when bands like Forbidden, Vio-lence, Sepultura, Laaz Rockit etc. conquered the Metal scene, a time when such Metal pubs were the 'place to be' for all defenders of steel. What we can hope is that Forbidden will write new music and will come back with a pure expolosive Metal bomb! I keep on believing history will repeats itself.


My points: 100 / 100