Q5 - STEEL THE LIGHT  (Albatros Records)


The extraordinary awesome cover of the first Q5 release was so attractive I bought the LP even without listening to the music. The spaceship, the colors, the band logo and the album's title impressed me from the first view. Q5 was also a strange name for a band, in a time where most band names were dark, aggressive or evil.


The first tunes I heard were convincing as well. The song 'Missing In Action' immediately electrified me and I still love the melody.  Q5 played Metal on a very harmonious way, sounding pretty 'happy' but not in an exaggerated way as we often hear nowadays. Q5 mixed traditional Hard Rock and Melodic Metal. They delivered a typical early 80ís Metal album that will be forever in our hearts. The way the guitar sounds makes it clear this is an American band, almost all American Metal musicians have an incredible flair in the way they play the instruments . 

Floyd Rose is a very gifted musician and his guitar parts are top-quality. Each piece of music on this debut CD is marvelous and after all these years Q5 still has a refreshing sound. The best song on this record is without any doubt the title track 'Steel The Light'. The obscure keyboard intro, the slow screaming guitars and the rhythm of the song is irresistible and sensational. The vocals of Jonathan K are clear, maybe a bit raw but indeed powerful. The title track is very ear-catching and has the result that you can sing it along after the very first listen. The arrangements on this song are so well written that it made Q5 legendary. 'Pull The Trigger' reminds me of a heavier version of AC/DC, probably because Jonathan K sounds a bit like Brian Johnson on this particular song. The CD keeps on delivering good songs, a good example is the ballad 'Come And Gone'  and was very well tasted in the year of its release. 


Q5 released a second album in 1985, 'When The Mirror Cracks'. In my opinion it was a superb album but it was more commercial, meant for a bigger crowd. It didnít make Q5 mainstream and the release was no success at all. I still believe the members were pressured to act this way because the band ended soon after. Singer Jonathan K formed Nightshade to release several albums in the same style as Q5, which proves my statement might be right. Don't hesitate to buy this albums, if you will find them... Both Q5 albums were re-released by Music For Nations on 1 disc but I think also this gem is hard to find.


I don't know what's going on with Nightshade at the moment. I'm sure Q5 is totally disbanded but it would be awesome, as many bands do, to reunite for one last time. To see those guys at one of the German Metal festivals would make a dream come true. 


My points: 95 / 100