VAINGLORY - 2050 (Lucretia Records)


I’ve noticed Stefan wrote a review about Vainglory’s self entitled album. No bad choice but if it’s up to me I go definitely for the debut album! This is one of those records I often give another spin when I need another energy boost! This is pure adrenaline, giving me a kick I really can’t resist. Pure US Power Metal with everything a headbanger ‘pur sang’ needs! Hell yeah, this is some of the purest Metal ever! 

This release came as a surprise in the beginning of this decade and only one session was necessary to get me under the spell of “2050”. In this era US Metal became popular again, in the worldwide underground scčne and Vainglory deserves to be attended because of it. Not that the popular mainstream Metal media ever supported the band but on the Internet you will find out that “2050” maintained very positive reviews at the websites that support True US Metal. Especially fans of the Eighties Metal movement and people who lived their youth into this period adored (or will adore) this album! 

The start is overwhelming, a pure US Power rhythm session is heading my way. The melodic mid tempo arrangement, the fantastic vocal lines, masterful guitars, heavy loaded technical played drums, a powerhouse of vocals… What do you want more? Those fantastic cutting sharp riffs, supported by strong bass lines and amazing drums with incredible energetic double bass drums? Or are you into shredding and fast played guitar solos? Well, all are present in this one song called “Fight till the death we must”. Even more, these elements are typical for this entire record!
We go on with another mighty track, “The Executioner”, without any doubt one of the highlights of this record! These technical played arrangements are so typical for this kind of US Power Metal, they’re the main reason why I worship this kind of music! The choruses and refrains are amazingly robust, giving the listener the chance to sing along while he smashes his heads against the wall! What should I do first? Playing the imaginary guitar, dreaming I am behind a drum kit or what… What a production, what a sound, what a dynamic and furious band! 

If you’re into mid tempo, varied (Progressive) and technical played US Power/Thrash this will be the perfect band for you. It’s rather difficult to compare the band with others. Musical wise I could easily mention Sanctuary, Helstar, Chastain, Forbidden,…  Do you get the picture? 

When we mention the vocals you will witness another sound. Ted Brasier isn’t a singer who searches for the highest limits! His strength is the power in his timbre. This man has a very unique vocal sound, raw and powerful but full of emotions. He’s a stronger version of JD Kimball (Omen) and John Johnson (Rival) and at some points he reminds me to Warrel Dane in Nevermore. On tracks like “Take Me Home”, “Directive” and “Free Us” you will easily understand my words! This man was the perfect front man for Vainglory but later on he was replaced by Kate French. I don’t know the reason of his replacement and I like Kate’s voice, even in Vainglory, but to me Ted Brasier was irreplaceable!  

Next to the astonishing strong song writing I can tell you the guitars are getting all of my attention! Corbin Kings is a fantastic shredder; his riffs are overwhelming and his solo’s are godlike! Fans of David T. Chastain, Joey Tafolla (ex Jag Panzer), Michael Harris (Darkology), Chris Broderick (Megadeth, ex Jag Panzer) etc. will adore this man’s style! Fast fingered and full of emotions, just the way a Heavy Metal guitar is supposed to sound! Same compliments counts for the bass player (Kevin Kekes). Behind the drums we find Brian Harris, the man who did an mind-blowing job at the Darkology album (my favorite album of 2009).  Brian Harris is, without any doubts, my favorite drummer at the moment! 

This album is full of highlights and it’s once more a disgrace it never received the attention it deserved! How much better can Heavy Metal really get? How pure can our favorite music style really sound? Okay, Vainglory didn’t innovate the genre nor did they gave it a new direction but god damned, they made Heavy Metal sound so powerful and yet beautiful! And yes, I pity the fact Ted left the band because, no matter how powerful the other albums were, he will forever be the man that made Vainglory sound so perfect!  

“2050” can be found easily on the Internet and in Metal stores. You shouldn’t doubt adding this one to your collection and I’m quite sure you’ll keep on listening to it, just as I do. Check the band out at: .  

My Points: 95 / 100