Not all bands in the eighties chose to be as extreme as possible or as 'poser' as it could be. Some bands combined good rocking music with lyrics that contained a useful message. Their music was meant to spread a personal meaning to the crowd. Warrior, which fits perfect in this picture, mixed the best things from standard Hard Rock with good elements of melodic eighties Metal. They added their own innovating ideas with it and the combine of these ingredients made this LP/CD a milestone in the history of (American) Heavy Metal. Warrior was ahead of their time...


Warrior was a remarkable quintet in those days, especially because it seemed for a long time they were a 'one day fly'. The reason is pretty obvious; their first release is dated in 1985, followed by many years of silence until they suddenly appeared again in 1998. Talking about their debut it was the title track that received the most of attention. 'Fighting For The Earth' was a very 'ear catching' song that was often used to get the right mood in the Metal pubs of those days. Although it was a rather obscure band for Europe they received an perpetual status because of it. Fighting For The Earth” can proudly be represented as a Classic Metal album.


Next to the amazing opening track also the other songs had a special, slight 'progressive' touch. Consider Warrior as a Hard Rock or Melodic Metal band. These guys didn't search for the outer limits in their music but they kept their Metal simple, always focused on writing good and refreshing songs. 'Only The Strong Survive' was the B-side of their vinyl single and I loved it as much as their most famous track, especially when Perry McCarty touched the higher notes by screaming ''Only the strong suuurviiiiive''! This lad had a very good and clear, a bit crispy, voice.  Often he’s looking for original vocal lines and he deserves to be praised because of it. His rather emotional timbre easily stole my heart. The refrains of each song were 'easy on the ear' and it was an easy job to sing along the entire album after a few spins.


'Ruler', 'Mind Over Matter', 'Defenders Of Creation' , the mighty and mysterious semi-ballad 'Cold Fire' are songs I still love to hear. Often I have this CD, which was difficult to find, in my player because it contains so much beauty. Joe Floyd is no exceptional guitar player but he knows how to write outstanding songs which is at least as important as showing all the skills a person owns. His harmonious riffs and intelligent solos, in perfect balance with the strong foundation of each song, gives the perfect 'Metal' touch to this forgotten pearl. Some weeks ago I saw the video clip of the title track at 'You Tube', it's worth searching for it...


After this release Warrior disappeared without leaving many tracks behind. In a time when Metal was conquering the world almost nobody noticed their vanishing. It took until 1998 when McCarty and Floyd reunited for the album ''Ancient Future'' which can't be compared at all with the previous one. McCarty left the band and was replaced by Rob Rock, the Metal God we know from bands like Joshua, M.A.R.S., Impellitteri, Axel Rudi Pell and his own group. Obviously his golden voice was good enough for another superb album, ''The Code Of Life''. The last battle they fought is dated 2004, an album that couldn’t hold my attention at all.


Nowadays it is quiet around Warrior, I don't know if they are still a band. I do hope so because I never had the chance to see them on stage. A reunion with Perry McCarty is maybe my wishful thinking but the last years we have noticed that everything is possible in Metal.


My Points: 100 / 100