I do remember the first Whiplash albums were not my cup of tea. It was pure Thrash Metal with harsh vocals. I wasn't a such a big fan of it because I always liked the vocals clean, high-pitched, strong... Then came the moment I discovered ''Insult To Injury''. I admit I was rather skeptical about it in the beginning but that changed after the first notes.  I became wild, even fanatical about it and couldn't stop listening to it.  Nowadays ''Insult To Injury'' still has a place in my list of favorite Metal releases. Mid tempo varied thrash with clean vocals have always been my favorite kind of metal and this album fits perfect in that description.


Glenn Hansen was the vocalist on this outstanding disc but unfortunately he only joined the band for this particular album. That's such a pity because this metal brother had the perfect voice for this kind of music; powerful with superb high screams. Songs like 'Hiroshima', 'Insult To Injury' and 'Witness To The Terror' will make you understand what I mean. This CD is full of neck-breaking songs and exciting compositions. The arrangements are very solid and prove that Whiplash really contains good musicians, to be honest I wasn't convinced about this fact before.


You can hear several 'killer riffs' and the way Whiplash mixes several tempi with a powerful stable base of all the instruments gives me the duty to spread the words about this release. Whiplash mains your attention constantly and wrote a very reliable album, one that deserves to be called 'a classic' in this kind of Metal. In this style we often mention Toxik, Agent Steel and Hades but ''Insult To Injury'' deserves to be treated with the same respect. I don't know what Glenn Hansen did after this release, I can only dream he’s still active in our scene.


I don't know if Whiplash is active again but I've noticed they have a myspace.com page. Nowadays you can expect a reunion from almost every band that ruled in the eighties, so we can wish for Whiplash to strike back. I detected on their myspace.com page there's written that ''Insult To Injury'' might be Whiplash’s best album and I couldn't agree more. Next to the outstanding performances of the musicians it is thanks to Glenn Hansen this masterpiece was written. Be sure this CD is worth a place in your CD-rack.


My Points: 100 / 100