WILD DOGS - MAN'S BEST FRIEND... Final Edition With 7 Bonus Tracks (US Metal Records)


"Man's Best Friend" is 80s US Metal warriors Wild Dogs' second effort after the release of their phenomenal debut album. For the first time available on CD, totally remastered in a full digital way by Bryce Van Patten (Defenders Of Metal) and executive producer Matt McCourt (singer Wild Dogs himself). Well, the original version released in 1983 is still a truly pearl of US Metal music and I’d like to raise my thumbs up for Mr. Mike (Shrapnel Records) Varney who delivered great works regarding producing and stuff like that. 

True US Metal maniacs are aware that Wild Dogs were one of the pioneers with a pure sound of American power and steel, played by a bunch of awesome musicians such as Jeff Mark, Deen Castronova, Danny Kurth and last but hell not least, Matt McCourt. This 2005 edition of Wild Dogs' "Man's Best Friend" is a US Metal item to be proud of in the first place. Without this one, your US Metal CD Metal won’t be complete at all. Besides the original album tracks, also seven bonus songs like "Sacrifice" and "Don't Fight It" which are taken from the a demo version of Wild Dogs' 3rd album entitled "Reign Of Terror", released in 1987. 

"Vulture" and "Bullet Proof" (1997) had the intention to be on a brand new Wild Dogs album… so far, unreleased but you'll never know! More rare material to enjoy are "Rank & File" (1989) and "Glass Rain" (1991). Don't know for sure where the last bonus song called "Against The Wall" comes from but it’s a killer one guys, sure it is! For all those experienced the eighties Metal scene, Peter Marino (Le Mans) also featuring on this CD with his ear piercing harmonies... damn, I definitely can't get enough of it! 

Not familiar with a great band like Wild Dogs but in for a shot of incredible US Power Metal with brilliant vocals, hard hitting drums, earthquake bass works and outstanding guitar duties? Make it quick and visit
www.usmetal.com to order this over-the-top, rare US Metal pearl called ‘Man’s Best Friend” !

My Points: 95 / 100